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Removed and added songs on PS2 Classic version?


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Hello everyone. I was very interested in this question - how did the end of the music license affect the PS2 Classic GTA LCS version for PS3?


The fact is that in PSN, the release date for the PSP / PS Vita version is April 19, 2016. I decided to buy it on my PSP, not really hoping for a change in the radio. However, it really became the same there as on the mobile versions !!!


But here's what's interesting: on PSN, the release date for the PS3 version is April 3, 2013. Which is very controversial. For the sake of interest, I looked at the GTA IV and EFLC download page in PSN, the release date is also old there, however, it is known that users have lost some songs.


Therefore, I really want to confirm or refute this myth. Is there anyone who knows exactly about this ???

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