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W/S (Westside) Street Feral Gang (Abbreviated SFGX or SFG) is a mixed race street gang that is located and originated in Vespucci in 1975, originally named “Bay City Street Club”, it was changed to Street Feral Gang after 1989, due to gaining many rivals and not being affiliated with anyone but themselves.
Their original neighborhood extends from San Andreas Avenue to Bay City Avenue and also from the Beach to Invention Court by the Vespucci Canals.
The roots of SFG stems from extreme sports, particularly dirtbiking / BMXing - punk rock culture, hippie culture, and graffiti. Down the line they started to gravitate towards hip hop culture, flashy cars, and becoming narcos.
Colors: Black, Grey, White, Blue, Red
Allies: No one
Enemies: Varrio Los Aztecas, Los Santos Vagos, Marabunta Grande, Families, Ballas, The Lost MC, Madrazo Cartel, Kkangpae, Los Santos Triad
Alliance Status: EBK (Everybody Killer), ABK (Anybody Killer).
Turf(s): Vespucci (West Los Santos), Vice Point (Vice City), Paleto Bay, Rockshore East (Las Venturas).
Ethnicity/Race(s): South Americans, Islanders, Mexicans, European-Americans, African-Americans
If you join, stay active.
Must have as active crew.
You will be beat into Street Feral Gang, and required to put in work on enemies.
Also, you will have to help with our weed enterprise.
Contact Info: @baycityave (Instagram), Thrashy#9554 (Discord)


Edited by baycityave
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