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Stuck at 98%


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Right before I did "Cap The Collector", I was sitting at 97 percent. I had to do 25 consecutive taxi missions, which I managed to do 15 in a row in one sitting before my taxi got damaged. If I figured this right, I must do 25 without a scratch on the car before doing "Cap The Collector". The other missions, assets, and side missions are all done up to this point.

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No, I am not sure where you got this "without a scratch" thing from. You have to do a total of 100 taxi fares (they don't have to be done in a row). Cap the collector unlocks by completing Cop Land and completing 7 assets including the print works. I assume you haven't done the needed 7 asset missions. Checkpoint Charlie for the Boatyard, Distribution for the Ice Cream Factory, Steve Scott missions for the Interglobal Studios, Spending 300 dollars in the Pole Position Club, doing the job in to complete Malibu, doing the missions for Kauffman Cabs and doing the import list for Sunshine Autos.

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