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[SA][REL] Bravado Blister 1992 Edition (v2.0) [SA-Styled]


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Bravado Blister v2.0 released!




"Is it Sexy? Damn right. Is it Comfortable? You betcha. Is it cool inside? Freezing! Is it ideal for Soccer Moms? Best in the business! Is it Worth your money? Greatest investment you'll ever make!

Of course one or more of these are a load of bull, but hey, there's a reason why Bravado's logo is a Bull! The new Bravado Blister, now in stock!"


Color Variations!

Choose whether you'll be rocking a single color or sport a sleek Two-Tone Body with limitless Options!

(Limitless color options sponsored by TransFender)



Accessories Available!

Give your ride some personality! Choose from 5 Optional accessories to jazz up your new ride and show them off to your friends and family!

And as of the most recent iteration of the Blister, we've introduced two new roof accessories! Check them out below:







BravadoBlister can be purchased with Accessories already included with the Limited Edition package.

All the same, buyers can choose not to opt in for Accessories and choose the Standard Edition package.

(Accessories can still be purchased separately later on)




Also available with Badges!

Let everybody know where this sexy beast of a minivan comes from by displaying these Limited Edition Bravado badges on  your car.





In Partnership with Juank Air Corporation, you will now be able to enjoy a ride around the San Andreas Airports in the comfort of our specialized line of 1992 Edition Bravado™ Blister Airport Shuttles!





Alright, enough fluff. Hey people! XG417 here, and I'm proud to present my very first mod ever! Originally my idea of a predecessor for the 3D-Era Blista which was based off of the 3rd Generation Dodge Caravan, it began to take its own identity as my mod developed. After more than two weeks, it is finished, at last.

It's been my dream to be able to make my own GTA Mod for the longest time, ever since discovering the magical world of modding when I was like, 12 years old or so. 'Twas a simpler time back then.

Now a man of 25, and armed with the knowledge picked up from College, we arrive here in the present day, about to release my very first mod.

My life choices till now has led me to this single moment. Hooray for me!


In any case, I do hope you enjoy this mod!

As this is my first release, Feedback is gravely needed. Any help is appreciated!




-SA-Styled Minivan based on the Second Generation Dodge Caravan (1991-1995)
    -Two-tone chassis, allowing for both Monotone and Two-Tone variants
    -Custom Handling
    -Custom Colors
    -SA License Plates
    -5 types of Accessories, 3 of which are VehFuncs-powered.

-Non-VehFuncs and VehFuncs version available.
    -Replacer and Added Versions available



-GTA San Andreas (Obviously)
    -Modloader (Required)
           -VehFuncs (Optional)
                        -Fastman92 Limit Adjuster (For Added Version)


Instructions on install is in the Readme file and the mods' respective pages.



Download Normal Version Download Badged VersionDownload Airport Shuttle Version

Old Versions (if you want them for some reason):





-2.0 - A new, improved and touched-up model to look less awkward
        - Remapped some parts
        - Added SA Reflections
        - New, more detailed interior
        - New engine model
        - 2 new extras added (new roof racks and and extended roof)

- Airport Shuttle Variant added

-Non-VehFuncs versions added

    -1.01 - Added missing Cleo_text folder (for the Car Name) that I forgot to pack in
    -1.0 - Release


Special Thanks:

> R* - For the gift of the gods that is GTA San Andreas
> Junior_Djjr - For VehFuncs and that epic tutorial on adding without replacing Vehicles

> Calvin.linardi - for introducing me to the C&S Discord Server and testing.

>Savidge and 2ceevee - for testing.
> The People at the C&S Discord Server - For helping me realize my first mod ever! Thanks guys!


Edited by XG417
v2.0 Update
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Small Update: Forgot to pack in the .fxt cleo file needed to change/add the car name into the game, added it in now.


Links updated 😎

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Really nice work with the Blister, very good for being your first mod, i hope to see more mods by you soon

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21 minutes ago, FacFerC said:

Really nice work with the Blister, very good for being your first mod, i hope to see more mods by you soon

Thanks, Fac! Glad you liked it


I've got some updates for it in the works right now, as well as a new car about to start development, so stay tuned :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

A new, updated Bravado™ Blister is soon coming your way.


Stay tuned! 😎



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Hey man, nice work! It looks even nicer than before, and I love the airport version. Also, I'm glad you gave me the opportunity to test it (just so you know, 2cv is my Discord name 😅) Keep up the good work!

Edited by DeuxChevaux
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Nice, An airport shuttle Blister. Do you had any plans to make SA lowpoly style Feroci + Airport ver?

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15 minutes ago, Japije01 said:

Nice, An airport shuttle Blister. Do you had any plans to make SA lowpoly style Feroci + Airport ver?

At the moment I've no plans to recreate that one, though I might actually consider it in the future as I actually like the Feroci's design :D

But yeah, I got some other projects in the works right now so the Feroci won't be top priority for quite some time

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  • 4 months later...
  • 6 months later...
1 hour ago, NoReplys said:

New update v2.0 but, no IVF. What a shame...


Check my Workshop, v3.0 has IVF support

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  • 3 weeks later...

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