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So what can I do with a large posse?

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Posted (edited)

Was disappointed to finally get a bunch of my friends together and then... not be able to do anything. So far the only thing I see we can do is trader stuff...which barely worked anyway with all of the glitching and disconnecting, camp disappearing etc..


So we can't do bounties, story missions, or stranger missions... what co op stuff can we do???


This game seems to be quite bare bones still. And frustrating with all of the connection issues and glitches... sheesh


Gang hideouts can be hard to find sometimes and that's the only other thing I can think of.


Why does this game not have more co op stuff? Heists even?

Edited by OldeGrim

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No Homing

I think everyone's asking the same stuff.

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About the only thing I see large posses do is grief.

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7 hours ago, AmyStone said:

About the only thing I see large posses do is grief.


There is also Counter-Griefing.


But actually, if you have 8 people this works perfectly (or reasonably well depending on your viewpoint) with two posses.  Each team goes on the 4 player missions and can pool into 1 with 7 for trader deliveries or send more into the main posse for counter griefing and pull other friends into the secondary posse for a total of up to 14 strong. 


Alternatively if you are pushing the trader role for all, 4 can go Bounty Hunter and Story missions and stranger missions while the others roam solo letting the stocks build up in camps. Then pool together for deliveries and all make a ton of money. Take turns who is running missions and who is tending their camps. 


I have a great group of folks who all pitch in to fill materials for everyone 's trader before we splinter into smaller groups to do bounties etc. And we all stay in party chat  and then come back together to sell or fight griefers. And we have access to more folks who would drop in a session to counter griefers if need be.

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One very fun thing is to police around the map. There’s always some tryhard who thinks he’s the best in the world. These jerks interrupt people’s sale missions and the like. Me and a full posse actually saw one guy running at a sales wagon. He got downed. We rode slowly with the guy in the wagon to protect him, though we could see that he was very nervous.

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