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Mister Pink

Florian Schneider, Founder of Kraftwerk Dead.

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Mister Pink
Posted (edited)



I know there a few fans of Kraftwerk on here. They have been one of my favourite bands for the last 12 years. Florian left Kraftwerk after nearly 40 years in the band. 


Kraftwek had such an impact on electronic music. People call them the Godfathers. Although not the first people do experiment with electronic-only music, they are known to be the first, if not one of the first all electronic bands. They inspired electro acts like Cybtron and a whole generation of Hip Hop artists as well as having a massive influence on Detroit Techno and Detroit Techno pioneers like Derrick May. They are probably one of the most sampled and popularly covered bands in the world. 


You can hear their samples in New Order's Blue Monday, Planet Rock by Afrika Bambaata,  Aphex Twin, Beck, Timbaland, Jay-Z,  2-Live Crew, Chemical Brothers, G-Unit, 808 State, Gesaffelstein, Mos Def, The Orb, Sissor Sisters, Miley Cyrus, DJ Shadow, The Prodigy, Mr Bungle, Future Sound of London, Bomb The Bass, Sir Mixalot, Fatboy Slim.. to name but a small few. 


U2 covered their track Neon Lights and Coldplay used their melody from Computer Love as the main melody for Talk. It's incredible to the diversity of musical talent they inspired - like Depeche Mode and NIN. They obviously inspired the band in The Big Labowski "Autobhan." MTV commissioned them to make the jingle for Music Non Stop programme they had and also World Expo 2000 in Germany commissioned them too. 


And i think we can say they heavily inspired Daft Punk, especially with the fact they do their robot theme and make very vocoder-centric music. 


Schneider actually did great professional work outside Kraftwerk for speech synthesis. It could have been him that introduced using a vocoder in the band bank in the 70's. 


I think towards the end, Schneider wasn't much involved in Kraftwerk. He always looked bored in the later concerts before he left. 


I'll post one of my favourite interviews with him. Kraftwerk are notoriously private and rarely give interviews. This woman happened to get an interview with him Brazil and he totally took the piss.


Interview is in English.


And the last concert-film with him (he's on the very right)




RIP Florian Schneider. 


David Bowie named a song after him.....



Edited by Mister Pink
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It's very sad news. I've had an earworm for the past few weeks that was slowly driving me around the twist and it turned out to be "Trans Europa Express". It's testament to how powerful their music was, and how easily it can be listened to and appreciated. Every aspect of electronic music today is owed to the work these four men laid out over a career that spans as many decades. I remember the moment I discovered Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream, my listening experiences changed forever, and likely laid out plans for me to produce music of my own. I have a lot to owe them.



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Mr. Galloway

f*cking hell, this year's been a massive sh*tshow. 



RIP, good sir. :( 

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Mister Pink
Posted (edited)

Yeah, still getting over the shock of it. There are few artists I have cared so much about in my adult life that have passed away. MCA of the Beastie Boys was one and strangely, Michael Jackson. It's just he was always there since I was born. Played the Michael Jackson video game on Megadrive watched the film, saw the concert videos. He was an enigma. I  know nothing of Florian Schneider, other than he was the bald guy that strangely quit after nearly 40 years. They are so private,  I can only be attached through the music. And I spent a good chunk of my adult life listening to these guys and now one of them is gone. Apparently it was cancer. 


He actually made a track with Dan Lacksman, he was in Telex, the Belgian electropop group. It's quite good. It's post Kraftwerk, so recently enough. 


In this video he speaks of the inspiration for the song. And then we hear the song, in good quality. 


It's great, I find it hard to figure out how Kratwerk make music and who contributed to what. But after listening to this, I think I understand better his contribution. Here's audio only


And for the pure fun of it. This hilarious video from 1991 dancing to Numbers (track was all ready 10 years old by then). 



Edited by Mister Pink
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Very sad news. Kraftwerk have been my favourite band since childhood (my parents gave me Minimum Maximum as a nameday gift when I was 9 or 10), the impact their music has had on me is crazy. Their sounds, melodies and rhythms are very influental and have had a tremendous impact on my own music-making as well. My girlfriend gave me Pascal Bussy's book "Kraftwerk: Man, Machine and Music", which I have barely started, but I guess that's what I'll be doing in my spare time now.


And their legendary secrecy. I was going to write about how Florian's wiki page has his death date written as "c. May 6, 2020", quoting the then-only source "he died a few days after his 73rd birthday", but the page has been updated to say 30th of April. Felt very Kraftwerk-ian to have it say "circa May 6th".

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