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[SA|TUT] How To Extract, Edit and Impliment GTA SA Skins


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Make Custom Skin & Texture Mods



Tutorial Overview:

This tutorial will demonstrate a method of extracting, editing and implementing textures for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas v1.0 using software to extract graphic elements from the game. Once the texture files have been extracted we will then learn how to open them up and extract the actual texture maps held therein. Then we'll be editing them in a graphic image editing software of your choice. Those graphics will then replace the original textures and then we will implement them into GTA SA without needing to overwrite any known game files by using ModLoader.


  1. Tools
  2. Extracting Textures & Models
  3. Editing Textures - Magic.TXD
    1. Graphic Editor Software
  4. Applying New Texture
  5. View Texture With DFF Viewer
  6. Apply Texture to Game with Modloader
  7. Run Game to View Changes
  8. Special Thanks/Credits


Step 1: Tools

The Tools Used for this tutorial:


Step 2: Extracting Textures & Models


To Extract Textures and or Models from GTA SA

  1. Locate IMG Tool and Righclick + Run As Administrator
  2. Click the open tab from the menu bar and locate your RockstarGames > Grand Theft Auto San Andreas directory where the game is installed. Once there, find the sub-directory named "Models"
  3. Inside of the "Models" directory you will be shown several IMG files.  Locate and Select  "GTA3.IMG" (Tool will populate all known textures and models.)
  4. From the drop down menu, select "Find" or hit F2
  5. Type "Spraycan." into the text field and click find both "spraycan.txd"
  6. On the Spraycan.txd file, right click and select "Extract" (save it to a location on your computer)
  7. Do the same for the model file. Hit F2 and look for "spraycan.dff" - right click and Extract (save to same location as txd file)
  8. Click the open tab again and within the same Models directory, locate AND select "Cutscene.IMG"
  9. Find and Extract the txd and dff for "csspray" to the same directory you saved the other files

Step 3: Editing Textures

TOOLS: GIMP 2.10.18 + Magic TXD

This Step explains how to Extract textures graphics out of TXD files, editing them in image editing software and reapplying them to TXD files with Magic TXD.

For this step we will be editing one skin and applying them to both texture files as the models utilize the same exact graphics/uv maps


  1. Open Magic TXD
  2. Click open tab on menu and locate "spraycan.txd"
  3. From the list of Textures on the left hand side, click fuxoored tut1.png
  4. From top menu, Click "Extract" and then click "TGA" (save to same location as other files) tut2.png
  5. Do not close the Application - will need it for STEP 4.


Step 3.1: Graphic Editor Software (GIMP 2.10.18)

  1. Open GIMP or whatever software used to edit graphics and click FILE>OPEN
  2. Open Extracted "spraycan.TGA" file
  3. Apply new texture (This step implies you already have graphics or an idea in mind. All artistic integrity is up to the user)
  4. Export or save graphic as fuxoored.tga to location as other files

Note: The texture map is 64x64 px - you may choose to keep it as is or scale up but keep in mind that the textures shouldn't exceed 100kb


Step 4: Apply New Texture


We now need to reapply the new graphics back to the TXD file we extracted them from.

  1. With Fuxoored still highlighted on left texture menu, find EDIT from the menu Select Replace (ctrl+r)
  2. Locate new spraycan.tga file and select Open
  3. In Replace menu, for compressed option select DXT1
  4. Click Replace
  5. Select Open from menu and locate csspray.txd
  6. Follow Steps 2-4


Step 5: View Texture with DFF Viewer


With new skins and files edited, we can now view our changes in real time with DFF Viewer

  1. Open DFF Viewer
  2. Click Open button on bottom right of app
  3. Locate and open spraycan.dff
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 for csspray.dff

Step 6: Apply Textures to Game

need This step require us to take our TXD (texture) files and simply apply them like any other Mod by using Modloader mod

  1. Go to folder where all assets are saved (textures )
    1. spraycan.txd
    2. csspray.txd
  2. Cut or Copy both files
  3. Locate the Modloader folder in your Rockstar Games > GTA SA directory and create a new folder. I chose  to name mine "skins" tut5.png
  4. Paste .txd files into your new Folder

Step 7: Run Game To View Changes

TOOLS: GTA:SA V1.0 + ModLoader

The Mods should take effect automatically. If not they can be turned on the games Pause menu by selecting Options> Modifications near bottom of the menu. Once inside your folder/mod will appear and you have the option of turning it on or off once selected.

  1. Run Game
  2. Admire your new GTA San Andreas Skin in all of its Glory
  3. success.jpg


Special Thanks - { In45do } For technical advice & the entire GTA Forums Community for supporting creative people!

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