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SOLVED: Screenshots have different resolution?

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Posted (edited)

Hello, I've got a question about taking screenshots:


I'm using ENB (latest version) with Skyrim SE but the game is not the point. I've adjusted the resolution of the monitor up to 4k and also the game launcher is set to 3840x2160.

I've also taken a look into the .ini files and everywhere it says: resolution 4k. Allright, my problem is, whenever I make screenshots they are saved correctly in the correct folder BUT they are always only Full HD (2k or 1920x1080).

I've tried FRAPS for the pics and normally I use the internal screenshot mechanism with ENB. The ENB generated screens are also only 2k all the time and I cannot find a parameter to control the resolution via ENB config file.

So, basically I'm pretty confused what is going on here. I cannot believe the display is provided with a 2k signal because I would probably see the difference between 2k and 4k. I also upgraded hardware (GTX970 to RTX 2070 Super),

so I cannot make a good judgement just due to framerate, which is much better with the new card of course (even in 4k). Why doesn't he save the screens in 4k? I mean the resolution is not controlled via ENB in any way and

I'm using no supersampling (SSAA) because I know if there is a different "internal" resolution it will put the screens in this resolution and not the displayed one. Tried to search for such but found nothing... Thanks for any help.

Edited by NaidRaida

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18 minutes ago, NaidRaida said:

I'm using ENB (latest version) with Skyrim SE but the game is not the point.

You've asked the question in the GTA V modding section, is your question about screenshots in GTA V, or in another game? If it's not for GTA V, then you need to ask the moderators to move the question into another area but I am not sure what that area is... maybe something in the Community section that deals with other games.


ENB might not be the same for every game, which means if your problem is a Skyrim + ENB issue, then you need help from people who play that game. People post screenshots of GTA V in 4K using ENB and Reshade, there are no resolution settings in the GTA V ENB config files, so if someone says "It works fine for me", it's not much help to you if it's for a different game.


For instance, I have the setting HighQualityVehicleMSAA=true in my enblocal.ini, I'm not sure that setting would exist in Skyrim's enblocal.ini file. This is why I think you need a more generalised help, instead of help from a section that deals with a specific task in a specific game.

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Posted (edited)

I asked in this (you could say) wrong section because of the presence of the modders. I also modded GTAV and IV, imho it could be possible some GTA modder had run into a similar problem,

especially because I think it might be ENB related, and especially because GTA is also known as "screenshot game". I know, there is also a Skyrim thread available but it ain't well visited and because of the

similarities of my modding and the GTA modding I thought asking here isn't 100% wrong. Even if it's a different game, some input might help. It must be a pretty nasty misconfig or a noob mistake by me to play

in 2k and think its 4k. Maybe I'm just irritated by all these 4k textures and the game is rendered in 1080p. That would be joke of the year.





Edited by NaidRaida

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Now I can answer the question myself:


It was a misconfig in the Mod Organizer, one of the executables (inside the virtual file system of MO) was really set to only 1080p. Outside the VFS it was set to UHD.... not that easy to find but obvious as the game is started from the MO.


Not of any relevance for GTA, but since the topic didn't get locked or trashed I put that info.

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