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I will create a DYOM Trailer for you!

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Posted (edited)

Hey guys, one problem with DYOM MPacks and SL are trailers. Trailers are suposed to introduce player in some way into your project. Some of trailers are good, but most of them are pretty minimalistic.

So i came up with Seygull˙s Trailer Submision. As you may expect, you can request a trailer for your mission, MPack, SL˙s, etc...

If you want to submit your project to me, you have to fullfill next formular:


Project name: (Your project name)

Designers: (Designers)

Type of project: (MP, SL, Single Mission)

Project theme: (Action, Horror, etc)

Is project released: (Yeh/Nah)

Okay, this is the basic folmular that you will send in replyes of this topic. Now, if i accept your submision (which i probbably will) you will send me a private message on GTA Forums or Discord.

Project name: (Your project name)

Designers: (Designers)

Type of project: (MP, SL, Single Mission)

Project theme: (Action, Horror, etc)

Is project released: (Yeh/Nah)

Music: (optional-you can send me music that you want to be in trailer, they MUST be copyright free)

Mods: (optional- if you want any mods included in your trailer, give me a link here. All mods accepted exepct shaders and simular things)

Style of intro (optional- here you can send me a link of some other trailer, pls note that my skills are limited lmao)

Custom Voice Acting (optional- ofc i will not record myself, i will use them from film or game)

Link of the project: (i need this in order to make trailer)

Thats it, pretty much. I hope you will like the idea. I expect first submisions today. Have a good one Cauhoon!

btw pls note that it will take some time to make the trailer, so stay calm and wait : )

Done projects: none lmao

Edited by Galeb
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boy of the cones

Project name: https://gtaforums.com/topic/950865-codename-q4-biohazard/

Designers: Coneboy & Huzaifa

Type of project: MP

Project theme: Horror, Zombies, Action

Is project released: still not yet

Music: -

Mods: https://www.mediafire.com/file/7e2ko30s6g0t1sq/Codename_Q4_-_Biohazard_MOD.rar/file

Style of intro: -

Custom voice acting: -

Link of the project: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/64132


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