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Your least favorite genres


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I don't think I've seen a thread like this yet, so I'll start. Post some genres you dislike, and explain either briefly or in an essay-format as to why you don't enjoy them.


There's three genres that I can't really get behind, which are 2000s nu-metal, electroswing and gabber.


Nu-metal from the early 2000s is just painful for me to listen to personally, it takes the worst elements of hip hop and metal during this period and bastardizes it into a terrible, edgy mess of a genre. It's industrial metal minus the charm, and the elitist attitudes of the fanbase don't help either. Limp Bizkit is easily the the biggest offender of this.


While there are a few barely-decent tracks in Electroswing, I think the genre suffers from similar problems as nu-metal; taking two clashing genres of music and combining them unsuccessfully into a fusion genre. The brashness and noisiness of both electro/filter house and swing don't cancel out, and all you're left with is a genre that is all style and no substance. I really dislike the electroswing community as well, mostly because I just find them very cringy and close-minded.


I don't do Gabber, I just find it noisy and lacking in creativity, with the main appeal behind it mostly being how loud the bass is and how fast the track is, and it doesn't help that most tracks pretty much have the same hardcore synths that don't really bring anything new to the table. It's really just sped-up, bass-heavy trance minus all the allure and atmosphere that made trance great. That said, I kinda enjoyed its sub-genre, Digital Hardcore, mostly because of its punk rock influences.



Other than that, I'm also starting to dislike Synthwave, mostly because I think it's becoming an overly-saturated genre, and that a lot of tracks more-or-less cover the same themes and references, which kind of stagnates the movement. Everyone in the scene is always trying to be the next Kavinsky, Perturbator or Vangelis, and it's just really boring tbh.

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I don't know, it's weird, I think there's something I dislike about every genre. For every heavy hitter or pioneer on the scene, there's a copycat who emulates the style so closely it might as well not exist at all. I don't think that's really answering the question though so I'll throw my opinions in.


I generally dislike opera, mostly for the tone people sing in. I know that seems really on-the-nose considering that's the point of it, but it's not for me. As soon as I hear those high pitched screeches I seek to flee immediately. I dislike male opera singers too but for different reasons. I can appreciate their range and register but it feels more like a sonic weapon to me. I generally enjoy classical music, but anything with a heavy use of vocals just rubs me the wrong way.


I know what you mean about synthwave. My interest was piqued when I played Hotline Miami but then the entire thing seemed to drive off a cliff not long afterwards.


I don't like this whole "singer/songwriter" thing either, I suppose you'd call it pop music but I wouldn't say I dislike all pop, just people that can sell out stadiums with nothing but an acoustic guitar and a loop pedal. I just find their subject material really draining and pointless. People like Ed Sheeran, James Blunt, Elliot Smith, Geoff Buckley... ugh, overly dreary and dramatic. Not for me.


That's about it I think. I generally enjoy a mixed bag. I can't think of anything else off the top of my head. Like I said, there's aspects of every genre I enjoy generally that annoy me, mostly copycats and over-saturation, but nothing glaring.

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Mister Pink

Surprisingly similar genres, I dislike. I rarely like to speak negatively about music but there are some genres, I just can't dig or I have but changed my mind on it. 


Reggaeton - I don't know, something a bit naff and corny about that genre. That same beat used over and over. 

Gabber/Happy Hardcore -  I can appreciate the insanity of it for 2 minutes but then can't listen to it any longer. Just too fast a temp for me to enjoy

Electro Swing - It was charming when Mr. Scruff did Get a Move On back '99 but didn't think it needed to turn in to a whole genre of people doing it. I'm sure people were doing it before him but that was my introduction to fusing the two genres. I think it's interesting for people just discovering music. They haven't quite developed their tastes full, they are young and curious and I can see the appeal of but it just irritates me. No amount of 30's/40's Jazz music will bring class to this corny genre. 😛 


I've also gone off Synthwave. And I seem like a prime target audience for that genre. I'd just rather listen to original people making that sound than all these new kids just making the same variation of track over and over. It's amounts to just copying each other. I know you could argue that about Blues or Reggae, some reason I'm less forgiving of these sub-genres just emulating each other. With the same synthwave artwork of some palm tree over some geometric vector grid thingy. I much prefer if someone is on that wave that they incorporate it in to their own style and do something new with it. I still like the artwork and the music to a point but it's lacking any originality at this stage. It's devolving in to self-parody at this stage. I love nostalgia but not when it's just glaringly obvious. Take some elements of it, and make it something new, otherwise it just becomes novelty music. 


Dubstep - Man, there was a point when I thought this was really future music. I have 3 great experiences with Dubstep. Seeing Skream play at a festival back in 2007 and another time stumbling up a Dubstep rave (I kid you not) during a camping trip. And another time going to see a guy with a large custom soundsystem that was on tour. It was this great big massive stack on wheels. We were in this old warehouse and the windows rattled.   But then it got commercialised by YouTubers using it as their intros. You've taken this very underground sound and just plastered in places, I just thought it was never suited. And many YouTubers aren't original. They'll just copy the next guy. Next thing you know, nearly every channel has this obnoxious Dubstep intro and it just destroys the genre. I mean there's still something to be said for good Dubstep. 


I may come off as a hipster snob or something disliking things as they become mainstream. And it sounds cliched. But there's good reason to dislike music that comes from the underground and gets more commercialised, misused by showing up in adverts for banking and other "we're down with the kids" marketing ventures and just overuse of the music in places where it shouldn't be - Dubstep should really just be enjoyed on serious soundsytems and not on YouTube intros, lol. 😛 










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I don't have any least favorite music genre. Maybe I don't listen too much Country or Reggae music but I like them.


I've been playing drums since I was 10 years old and is important to me the way to appreciate new sounds even if they are repetitive in one song to make a new beat, learn fills, etc.

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-Disco Polo

-Brostep (Skrillex for example)

-modern EDM

-most Rock/Metal

-generic modern Rap/Trap

-Hardstyle sometimes gets on my nerves too, it's just kids being edgy and taking Hard Trance, oversaturating kicks and putting unmatching notes in order to make a "melody"

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  • Vaporwave - I've never really understood the idea behind it. Okay, okay. Slowed down 80's pop jams as a form of satire on capitalism and consumerism featuring Japanese writing, early-to-mid 90's nostalgia and Windows 95 aesthethic? C'mon...
  • Mainstream EDM - Most of the mainstream EDM songs sound very similar to each. Smooth intro with melodic vocals, 1st drop, melodic vocals but the melody is more upbeat, 2nd drop, smooth outro, repeat.
  • Metalcore - It's too weird, even as for my taste in music. It's like you put several metal subgenres, post-hardcore and 3rd wave emo into a blender, turn the blender on and after the blender stopped mixing stuff, you add some electronica on top of it (not always though).
  • Synthwave - Feels pretty boring to me. Everyone is doing the same 1980's nostalgia theme again and again and again... Basically an 80's culture abuse.
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Hip hop, reggaeton, and what in my country is called "cumbia pop". 👎


I don't know, to me music must have some sort of class and depth. These days people put way too much emphasis on the singers. Especially the media in my country. They couldn't possibly grasp their minds around an instrumental song, or lenghty solos.

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