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What are the best DYOM missions of all time?


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I want to create a gaming YouTube channel, for now: I am thinking of no commentary gameplays of the old games I loved when I was younger because I am pretty stressed and I want some sort of escape (and some motivation to return to gaming which was a huge part of my childhood but, can't get back to), anyways, I thought about creating gameplay videos for DYOM but, I am actually worried that nobody will watch me playing GTA San Andreas (because there are tons of gameplay videos for it already), I know there are other people who upload gameplay videos of DYOM missions but, I just want to try.


So please, can you send me the best DYOM missions out there? If things so go on well, may be I will try reviewing missions or something but, for now, I want the best of the best.


Also please tell me, do you want to see someone (in 2020) uploading GTA San Andreas videos that the only difference between them and the other ones is that they are 20-minute videos with a few missions in each video instead of one mission/video (GTA Series format) or a 12 hour gameplay video?


Last thing, I want to say hi, I have been a relatively active user in the past, I used the name "MrMonster8", "Spider262" and changed the second one to "AHelmi88" when they allowed name changes, I actually browsed these profiles, and dude, so much good memories mixed with feeling I was (and probably still) an idiot, just 20yo instead of 12-13yo 😉.

EDIT: Viewing more posts from my older profiles, what the f*ck was I thinking when I posted this BS? 😂

Edited by MrMonster8Revived
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27 minutes ago, boy of the cones said:

This one. 

I will (hopefully) install DYOM today and play this mission, I miss the old days so much :inlove:!

Edited by MrMonster8Revived
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8 minutes ago, MrMonster8Revived said:

I will (hopefully) install DYOM today and play this mission, I miss the old days so much :inlove:!

I'd really appreciate it if you could give me a full review for this. Stay tuned for other missions! 

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here are my recommendations.

Edited by it's poundcake time
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  • 10 months later...
Splash Boom

I Love Your Videos, I Watch Them, I Want You To Recommend To Make A Series That You Will Showcase Our DYOMs. PLZ 

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