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Have you ever had depression?

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@Lioshenka it bothers me because I don't want to die from a disease that came from 10 thousand miles away from a place with some questionable eating habits that's then passed on by people who don't really care, or think they're immune, or purposely spread it if they're asymptomatic, or don't wear a mask because 'muh freedom'. Also because I'd rather die quick than feel like I'm drowning out of water.

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3 hours ago, Utopianthumbs said:

If I didn't make any sense I really apologize lol, I tend to ramble a lot without saying my substance properly. Hope I did manage to explain my pov somewhat even if it may have been unsatisfactory. 

Nah, it makes sense, I see what you mean now. I can actually relate to what you are saying: I occasionally too want to do something or find some sort of purpose in life, but it is usually later that I think "What's the point?".


So what I often do (I don't know if this may be an advise for you too or not) is to focus on activities that don't require much preparation or time... Like one time I took on painting, and I loved it, and it's satisfying to be able to create these fictional worlds, but it takes a fair amount of commitment, and then there's cleaning afterwards, and I just can't have that luxury in my current circumstances. Same with dancing - I like live music and dressing up, I suck at dancing lol, but love having a go, but to get to an event you have to get prepared, dressed, organise taxis, and it throws off your entire day schedule. So most recently I settled down on sewing and embroidery. It's quick, you can start and stop as you please, and in theory you can make money or gifts for other people if you are good at it. I'll see how it goes, but that's pretty much the reason I can't stand GTA 5 type games - long loading times, time consuming tasks; whereas in certain games like WoT you can have a 7 minute session and be done with it.

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Posted (edited)

@Lioshenka that's great advice man! Perhaps doing something like that may be a good starting point for me too. I have been suggested to try painting before but I usually give some rubbish excuse like I'm not creative enough and what not. I think I'm slightly better at writing than I am at painting (which isn't saying much and also my writing skills aren't nearly comparable to some of the works I've seen on this site even but it's still probably better than my painting skills lol) so I could start by writing a few short stories or maintaining a journal or something like that, requires not that much commitment and I can start-stop whenever I want. I have tried maintaining a journal before but it didn't work out but I guess just cause I failed once doesn't mean I shouldn't try again. Sometimes hearing again from others on what needs to be done can be extra inspiring to do something even if it's something you've tried before, so thanks. 


It was nice to hear about your attempts to find something interesting to do yourself like with dancing and sewing. I'm got two left feet as they say so not much good at dancing but I like your suggestion about trying sewing, seems like something even I can do. To be frank it'll take me a bit of effort to even cultivate the mindset to get started but I can't use that as a crutch forever, I know I can change if I put in a sincere effort. Hope the sewing thing works out for you and hope I too can do something similar since I've got the support I need, it's a matter of shaking myself out of my stupor and just taking that first step to a more fulfilling life.

Edited by Utopianthumbs
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Grotti Vigilante
10 hours ago, JON22 said:

Don't really know. I have asthma but it's mild, but I'm back to using an inhaler because I've been a bit wheezy and sometimes can't yawn but I think that's down to stress because of coronavirus going around. I'm not taking any chances as it's killed healthy people with no pre-existing conditions. I'm ocd when it comes to washing my hands anyway.

For the most part, it doesn't generally kill people without pre-existing health conditions. Most people who get it won't die, because despite what it's being portrayed as, it's really no worse than a lot of other viruses. If it was truly deadly to the population, it would die off in a matter of time. Take precautions because of your condition, but don't allow it to stress you out. 


On topic though, I don't know if I've ever gotten an official diagnosis, but I have very much had many of the symptoms, be that emotional numbness, lack of energy and focus, excess or no/disturbed sleep, inability to enjoy anything, you get the idea. I don't take any meds or go to any sort of therapy, so really it's just a matter of living with it hoping it won't be too bad. It sucks, but I've somewhat been able to control it with gym work and martial arts, the latter of which is especially beneficial in dealing with the bouts of anger and irritability. I'm honestly lead to think most people deal with it at some point in their lives. 

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Posted (edited)

I had a family member that was diagnosed with a terminal illness. that in turn went into deep depression. She would go days without eating, sleep for 20 hours a day.  The more the Doctors tried to do the worse it got. We watched this go on for years, she got down to 88 pounds, and was at deaths door. The Doctors gave her a prescription for Morpheme and told her to keep it bedside, and when it got to much to take it all. Most in the Family including her Son and Husband had given up hope ... all but my Mother.

 She was raised on an West Virginia Mountain with an out house and is the smartest person I know. She had been telling my Brother in law to get a dog, a Puppy around 5 mouths old to be with my sister so she would not be alone in that house when no one could be with her. Finally she took matters into her own hands and did just that. That was over 10 years ago, my sister is still alive, her quality of life may not be what you or I would consider ideal, but it's life. When the Doctors ask her how have you been able to beat Lupus for so long she says, I lost my sight, I lost most of my hearing, but the smell of that Puppy's breath and the warmth of it's touch made me want to take care of it. I knew that I had a responsibility and could not just take the way out that was easy for me. As the Dog grew and became adult it self taught itself to be a guide Dog, it would not leave my sisters side, it would refuse to eat until it saw her eat something. They grew together. By the time it was two years old they as a team had started venturing out of the house walking further and further as time went on. Today there is little my sister will not do as long as her Dog Shebaa is at her side. She will take a Cab across town, tackle obstacles like unfamiliar Buildings.

 I'm not saying to get a Dog, but maybe just go to the local Pound or Kennel or Pet Store and handle some Puppies. When you see young life, Puppies, Children, and the promise that brings, maybe you to might have their exuberance rub off on you.

You might find that one day out of nowhere you have the desire to return to that pet shop, just to visit a new friend you made in one of the Puppies.

 This is not directed at any one person, it is just an experience that I thought I would share.

Edited by DEADMEAT2016
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