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Ongoing Problems


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Dear Rockstar,


This is a huge game, with a huge investment on your part. It is also a huge investment on our part. My wife and I play (one of the few games she really enjoys) and we like going online with a couple friends. Unfortunately it is nearing the point of all of us quitting the game. Here are but a few of the issues:

Biggest issues:

-Audio. It seems two of us can play and hear each other fine. Add a third and suddenly there is a big chance of one or two of us losing communication. We have to rotate through restarting our systems until we find who is causing the issue. With 4 of us playing, and having to do this every 10-30 minutes, it is a huge waste of time.


-Camp disappearing while online. We are taking turns helping each other with trader missions so we can level up our traders. Unfortunately the camp disappears after a short time. Back to restarting the system and hoping the camp will be there. Even when playing solo online, the camp will often disappear after a short time.


-Items not being where they should be. I'm currently trying to do treasure maps. I am on my 3rd map and none of them had any treasure in any of the spawn points. I have 6 maps total in my possession, mainly due to the fact that it's annoying to spend the time to travel to the area of the map, then spend the time searching all of the locations the treasure spawns at, only to find there is no treasure at any of them. This also applies to collector maps, though those don't seem to glitch nearly as often.


-Disconnects. Fortunately this one only happens to my system. I get frequent disconnects, as in about every 30-45 minutes. I tried a wired connection, then tried wireless. Same thing...frequent disconnects. It's quite annoying, especially when doing trader missions and losing a horse full of skins and a carcass.


There are several other issues, like game freezing, mission glitches, etc. But I listed the most major, and most frequent.


The really sad thing is that when I searched each of these issues, most- like the disappearing camp- are well known problems that have been discussed often on forums since the game came out. Before you spend the time and resources to work on your next game, please fix existing games. I sure won't be spending the money on the next game if these issues haven't been fixed. Knowing issues don't get dealt with leaves me with no desire to spend money on another game that will have more problems that won't get fixed.

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