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New Austin/West Elizabeth: Something Went Wrong Here...

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It is widely know of the utter blandness of New Austin in RDR2. However, West Elizabeth also has something wrong too. Let me explain:

-West Elizabeth:

 The addition of Big Valley as part of the WE really baffles me. Excluding hardware restrictions, Big Valley wasn't in RDR1. To me, Big Valley should be North Elizabeth. If Great Plains and Tall Trees are on lockdown because of the Blackwater Massacre of 1899, why isn't Big Valley? Wouldn't the entirety of WE be on lockdown? Now the geography/climate of WE. In RDR1, it is reported/ widely argued that RDR1 takes place during the Winter/Autumn season. Tall Trees was in snow, The Great Plains had some trees with orange and yellow leaves - especially around Beecher's Hope-  If RDR2 is truly in the Spring/Summer seasons, then we would be fine. Furthermore, the trees in Tall Trees are considered Redwood trees in RDR2; in RDR1 they look like pine trees. There are rocky formations -low level- in the Great Plains. Now continuity. There's a bridge in the road toward the Serendipity, oh, i'm sorry, Clemens cove. An additional house in that road towards Blackwater. Nekoti Rock not being formed yet, Cochinay has no basis, PURRC hasn't been built yet. For the fauna, Pronghorns, Cardinals, Black Bears, Pelicans, Toads, et cetera, have seemingly gone extinct by 1911. Bobcats seem to have migrated by 1911. The railroads in WE haven't been built yet. Aurora Basin not having the waterfall in 1907. 


I will get to New Austin later. 

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-New Austin:

It is widely talked about, about how New Austin is pointless in RDR2. All of the beta stuff that has been digged up. I want to focus on continuity and the geography/climate.


-Hennigan's Stead: Everything seems fine with the geography and all that. Stillwater Creek was one of my favorite areas in RDR1. It seems much more blander, and less swampy coverage. I supposed the edition of the bayou in Lemoyne covered that already? Thieve's Landing isn't that industrialized, but in four years, it magically does? In RDR1, the skies changed when going to Thieve's Landing to a darker, muddy color; it's absent in RDR2. However, it didn't make sense for that sky to change anyways when it comes to realism. Moving more West to MacFarlane's Ranch. Bonnie's house is pretty different. The absent of the Barn, the General Store, and the Sheriff's office raises questions. 


-Cholla Springs: The region seems stable. Armadillo being strucked by Cholera seems right. There is a weird road up in Twin Rocks. And the region seems much more hot. 


-Rio Bravo: I don't understand the very pinkish red soil/grounds in the region. Considering the various grassy and shrubbery in RDR1, this seems questionable for the former. By 1911, it seems as though Cougars have migrated in the region, although the fauna is very extant in the state. Plainview isn't built up that much, again, four years, and it's magic? 


-Gaptooth Ridge: The Joshua Trees make this region unique. But the grass is lacking; In RDR1, it seems that there is a reddish green grass in the region. Tumbleweed's buildings are not as rugged, but I guess the four-years-is-magic rule remedies that...


-Other points:

-Wolves and Foxes seemingly have migrated to the area by 1911

-Desert Iguanas, Peccaries, Pronghorns, Condors, and Gila Monsters have gone extinct in the state by 1911


Thank you for looking in. I thought I would just give my two-sense. 


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i definitely agree. i loved new austin and west elizebeth in the original. but i really dont care for them much in rdr2. i personally would have rather them add a different area instead of the old ones. or spend that extra space and add stuff to do in ambarino. considering the fact that it is a new area but is very underused. thats why i am kind of happy that they did not add nuevo paraiso. because i am worried that they would mess that up too. instead i would like a whole new mexico state. hopefully we can get that in the next game.

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Regarding the Pinkertons, there's a explanation to why they aren't present in Big Valley. During the mission "The First Shall be Last" Josiah Trelawny says: "South of the river West Elizabeth isn't a very welcoming place right now.", his quote means south of the Upper Montana River, the river which divides Big Valley from Tall Trees and Great Plains.

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