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I found a way to unlock rare dialogue


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Confirmed on console. 
Base PS4, V1.00


You start out the game in camp Colter. 
If you save the game right after you rescued John Marston, exit the game and close it. 
Restart the game and spend about 10 minutes in the accessible parts of the snowy landscape. 

Come back to the shack where John is resting and you will hear Mary Beth berate you for being 
mean to John. And NO! It's not the "You stiiiill here" thing, that only happenes after you did the 
hunting for Pearson or de O'driscoll thing with Williamson. 

If you go out again, come back 10 minutes later, Susan Grimshaw will sit on that chair to 
care for John. Arthur will sarcasticly say "I just came to pay respects to the fallen hero". 
"Well consider them paid!" Is what Susan then says. Arthur is quite unwelcome there. 

Also, when you're done talking to Dutch and Hosea right after you rescued John, 
go to the gang shack immediately and sit on that chair in front of the fire pronto. 
If you can manage to lever your view towards Mary Beth in time, you have a one time 
unique dialoge with her. Same with Sadie. The "I'm Reaaaalll sorry Mrs. Adler" thing 

is a one time too, but you will always get that one. I'm talking about a food comment. 

If you're really quick, and manage to get Sadie finish talking before Susans pep talk 
is over, and you're sitting on that chair and immediately after "for sure" press 'greet', 

you get another small convo between you two that in no other possible way can be 
heard or triggered again any time after. 

If you follow Lenny on his patrol route, he eventually will start a dialogue with you about 
being well hidden from Pinkertons. "If you find 'em, shoot them!" Arthur will reply. This 
is a unique and 'untriggerable' dialogue. Lenny has to start it out on his own. 


Now I am deep into chapter two and have found remarkably unique dialogue there too. 

I'm not talking about clickbaity totally non-secret camp interactions, or standardized convo's 
that only trigger once and NPC camp member sits or stands at a certain place. 
This is GTAForums and most of you all will have found that out yourself. 

I'm talking serious gems of unique dialogue that tell a lot about the characters. 

If this post turns out to be succesfull with many replies I will upload screenshots and 
everything of what I shot in Chapter 1 and 2 so far. 


Many of these super rare dialogues are not subititled, even though I have subtitiles enabled 
for everything. Most however still is, or at least what the NPC is saying. 



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9 hours ago, Taterman said:

Go ahead and post screenshots. I like all the unusual stuff in this game.

Here you go, friend:




Hopefully this thread will gain traction :)

Like Lamar Davies said in GTA5:
"If there's sh*t to be won god damnit I want it!"

I believe many are like you and me and love these obscure thingies.
Feel free to ask questions if you are looking for specific dialogue, as I am increasingly becoming more skilled at forcing it to occur.

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