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What is a Story-Driven/Gameplay-Driven Mission Pack?


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Hello DYOM'ers! Today, I am gonna explain to you what is a Story-Driven and a Gameplay-Driven Mission Pack! Same as Storyline.

I will consider this as a tutorial because some designers are looking for this tutorial and I hope they will approve this;

Here it is anyway:


Let's start with the Story-Driven Mission Pack/Storyline:


- Perfect, I hope this it'll be very useful for every designers who are making MPs, SLs and etc. That's more like a movie, which you focus more in cutscenes, dialogues, actions, actors with a lot animations and many more. I'm making a MP which is named Codename Q4: Biohazard and I'm focusing in the gameplay and cutscenes, well, very simple but this MP isn't related to this topic well.


A Story-Driven stands like a movie. There are some examples that I can tell to you: Let me tell you the first episode of The Dark Instinct, Time Zero: Time Zero was made by THBP and this is the best example that I can give you because he focused a lot in the story, grammars, actions and etc. Well, a Story-Driven Mission Pack will focus more on the story, with little gameplay to add variety and interactivity. Another example: Old Friends Die Hard by RithRake24. You'll notice the heavy use of cutscenes and dialogue in these type of Mission Packs but sometimes, a whole mission can be nothing but cutscenes with dialogues. Another example: Cowboys: The Tale Of Betty Shore by Target13, it's closer to a movie or a TV series than to a game.


Story-Driven Mission Pack: +Cutscenes +Dialogue +Character Dynamics -Gameplay



Now, it's time for the Gameplay-Driven Mission Pack/Storyline:


- A'ight, Gameplay-Driven focuses on gameplay, game mechanics, level of the design [objects] and the difficulty of the gameplay. There are some MPs/SLs which they're really nice and I pleayed them all a long time ago. My best will remains V for Vinegar by THBP. They always have the story but it's just that the story exists only to set the ''theme'' and give a context to the missions. Well, some Mission Packs and Storylines can have balanced between story and gameplay. For example: Ghost Ship: REMASTERED by LeonCJ and I already mentioned V for Vinegar. You could argue that they are Story-Driven, as gameplay elements serve as a part of narrative. 


Gameplay-Driven Mission Pack: +Gameplay +Level Design +Objects -Dialogue -Cutscenes


Now, I'm just saying I hope this will be very useful for every DYOM designers, especially for: Roxie, RithRake24, Huzaifa and many more! I wish you my best luck to everyone and I hope that I'll be able to play your projects.




Thanks to:


  • Dutchy3010 & PatrickW
  • @Aymunz
  • You. Thank you for reading this tutorial.
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