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Total Conversion: GTA:SA versus Manhunt

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Ever since playing Manhunt 1 and 2 I've been wanting too play it, but in an open world. I hope this thread makes this happen.

First off I must say I have little to no experience with modding. But I'm willing to learn for this specifically.

Secondly I'd hope to garner some interest by other modders here to see if they'd either help or be in somewhat collaboration with me to make this happen.

Thirdly I'm open for suggestions on what exactly to call this total conversion mod, so give your suggestions to me in this thread. (The best I could come up with is "Thrill-Kill" or "Urban Slayer Amerika" pretty sh!t ey? ha ha)


Anyways I'm not making a claim to lead this Total Conversion, I'd just be thrilled to see what comes of it as a concept. Make of it what you will.


If I did have creative control, I guess I'll share some of what I'd like to see;



"...I dreamabout the time when people looked after each other, when through all the hustle and bustle your actions were not always determined by how much muscle you could throw around, sure there were some cases but... civilian life rarely combined with the criminal world in the prohibition era. But I don't know, I was never there. It can be nice to dream of simple times, even if it really wasn't. I'm uncertain whether this world is getting better or worse, But when I get out...I've got to do something to clean up the festering filth and decay of modern society. All I need now is a way out my curse, my ilness, just so I can forget the past however regrettable, Although the war is over, My time to shine is only just beginning..."


You are an American Ex Rifleman "Victor Markus", aka M1K1 (Mark-1-Kill-1) or Mik'ee - Born 1952. You were tried for war crimes in the Vietnam War. You were sentenced in 1976 (Age - 24) to 12 to 16 years for unorthodox killing methods. Around age 37 (1989) you are released on the conditions of house arrest. You're main goal is to take down Wileywood (Hollywood) and the criminal empire that litters the state, killing any and everyone that stand in your way. Wileywood and its criminal affiliates were the ones to blame for your prison sentence, given their inclination to use and promote striking propaganda for its own means.



The year is an alternate 1989.

You are under Home Arrest in the fictional place called Sane City (Based loosley off of San Fernado) The starter missions are in "Sane City" and stretch into "Van Jose Exitus" (Los Angeles) for the main missions.

The game is very loosely set in the manhunt/GTA universe. It is not the same universe just similar in gritty style (mainly talking about Manhunt 1 & 2). It also is inspired by the movies Escape from NY and LA.

"Van Jose Exitus" (LA) is a city under martial law because of the "peace riots" against the Vietnam war and other deviancy that took hold of the state during the late 70's and late 80's.




*Manhunt style inventory system, you will only be able to hold a certain amount of weapons/lures/melees to give a sense of realism.


*Vehicles to be able to drive/pilot such as Motorbikes, Cars, Trucks/Utility and Aerial.


*tiered weapons and equipment


*Weapon skill improvement/stats


*Stealth Methods and Executions abilities




I will add to this if people show interest or make suggestions! Thank You 🙂

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any pics? I want to see the progress of GTA SA and Manhunt collaboration

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The Mod Showroom is only for mods with some kind of progress, not concepts. Locked.

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