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DYOM# Addon Hotkeys


Recommended Posts


Right Mouse Button - slow down time (during object placement) 
TAB - see the current chosen objective's number 
TAB+Q - choose the closest objective
TAB+E - choose the last objective (the chosen objective is not marked yellow, pay attention)
CTRL+M - teleport to marker (works during missions as well)
P+(1-5) - set up to 5 markers on the map that you can then teleport to. The markers are exclusive to missions and will be saved even if you relaunch the game.
SHIFT+(1-5) - teleport to the markers
CTRL+J - get the jetpack 
Sprint button+X - quick travel forward 
Sprint button+Х+RMB - slow travel forward (can go through walls) 
"STATE" (cheat code) - check the game stats, Sprint button resets the stats 
"OFF" (cheat code)- end current mission


"GOO" (cheat code) - quick travel across the map (travel is done using mouse):
W/S - move up/down
A/D - change the angle
CTRL (hold) - slow down movement


Y+U - change to fists during weapon selection
G+Y - move 5 weapons forward
H+N - move 5 weapons back


-Delete objective by typing its number - in the menu select "Delete objective" and push TAB when the camera is facing the closest objective. Be careful, if you type in a number of an objective that doesn't exist, the objective which the camera is facing will be deleted.
-Choose animation/actor/vehicle/object by typing its number - in the selection menu push TAB, type the number, then push Y.
-Teleport to objective by typing its number - select the "Choose objective" menu (F2), type the number and push TAB.
-Edit cutscene by typing its number - walk to the closest cutscene, select "Objectives -> Edit objective", then push TAB. 
-Add 1 second to a timer - hold TAB and change the time by pushing Y/N
-Add 5 second to a time of the cutscene - hold TAB and change the time by pushing Y/N 
-Add new pickups - open pickup menu -> other, hold TAB and push Y/N, when choosing pickups 

-Add new objects - press TAB when selecting objects, enter the object ID and press N. 


F4 - load a missionpack 
You can now load additional missionpacks without ALT+TABbing out of the game. 
After the first launch of the game open the DYOM9.dat sub-folder in GTA SA User Files, there are 6 more sub-folders there: MISSIONPACK1-5 and MYMISSIONPACK. Install the missions you need in folders MISSIONPACK1-5. 
Now you can load them in-game conveniently.  
В - Make a backup of the missions currently installed (backup is stored in the MYMISSIONPACK folder) 
М - Load the backup 
Е - Show the name of the missionpack. You can change them in the MISSION_PACKS.ini file by changing the text after the "=" symbol.


F3 - show interiors menu
Teleport to interiors that aren't in DYOM's default interior selection menu.


F2 - open the additional features menu
Additional features include:
- Mission information (shows the amount of objectives, actors, vehicles, objects and pickups)
- Choose objective by typing its number (the chosen objective is not marked yellow, pay attention)
- Change the game interior (or dimension, in other words) 
- Choose interior by typing its number
- Teleport to the end of the mission (if you finished it with this script)
- Toggle Widescreen On/Off (shows the checkpoints that disappeared)
- Clear the mission (selectively clear the mission of objectives/actors/vehicles/objects/pickups)


Some buttons and other features can be changed in "DYOM# [Settings].ini" by changing values after the "=" symbol.

Edited by YourName_2
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Saint Medallion

Thank you, you could've added it to the respective topic but this is also very good and necessary. :)

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Saint Medallion

Is that you, Talha? You're dealing with DYOM like a professional, using a special DYOM enhancer. :D

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Edited by YourName_2
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Saint Medallion

Welp, must be another one that knows my old DYOM channel then but nonetheless, nice to meet you after a while.

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nice to meet you arda

Check out my story name dilenci hayati 

missions links:






https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/64090 Kill Ballas Mission

Edited by YourName_2
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