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Doctor's backroom "barred door" at Valentine got opened

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Hi all,


I think the following story can be hard to belive, but I'm being honest and I'm just looking for help. To all that just don't belive this or think I'm joking or whatever, it's okay, cause I've not come here to people belive this, but to get some answers.





I was robbing Doctor's backroom business at Valentine and after killing all of them and geting an investigation process I went to the barred door. I saw an option to open it so I did it (yes, I opened the barred door), but there was an agent there who killed me. I loaded a saved game to try it again but I've been unable to open that door again, so at this point I started to look for information about how to open that barred door and then realized that seems nobody could do it.






(I'm not sure about how is it going for RDR2, but as far as I remember, regarding GTAV there were people investigating events through the game files, so I guess this is being done with RDR2 as well.)



  1. Does anybody tried to investigate that door through the files? (I've searched for information about this point, but I didn't find anybody did it, but anyways I want some confirmation).
  2. Could anyone do it or provide some instructions so I can do it myself?



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I believe I read a guide somewhere about how to rob it but I can't seem to find it in my browser history. If you pull your gun on the store owner can't you force him to open? Of course bare in mind there's someone waiting for you.

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Posted (edited)

To clarify any possible misunderstanding:

  1. All my point is that at this backroom business, there're two doors:
    1. Door A: this one communicates the store and the backroom; you can indirectly open it by pulling a gun on the owner and telling him to open it.
    2. Door B or "barred door": it is a door literaly barred that leads directly outside from inside of the backroom business; if you are outside, you can often see a law officer at this door accepting a kickback).


There's no problem to open Door A, as it works as any other backroom business robery (once you've find out there's actually a backroom business, you pull your gun on the owner and you have a new option available to go back and to force him to open).


The problem regards Door B or "barred door".

  1. I've been looking for information about this door and all you can find is people complaining about this damn door cannot be opened.
  2. ¿Why people complains? You go, do the job, but you have to scape back through main door and the main street is full of law officers that inevitably recognizes you and eventually beat the sh*t out of you (best scenario: you scape with a bounty on your head). It's ridiculous the workarounds people do not to get a bounty (for example, people suicides lel).
  3. ¿So what? For some reason I'm not able to explain, that barred door got opened in my first attempt to rob this business. I just got an option available to take the bar off and suddenly that door was behaving like any other real door in the game. I've just not been able to reproduce this, so now I'm in the same situation everybody is: I cannot open that door and I have no way to avoid a bounty.
Edited by Renoir

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Interesting you were able to get the side door open from the inside. I agree it is a much better escape route as going out front will run you into a ton of lawmen. My best approach so far has been to eat the premium meal in the saloon before to get a gold health core before going in and having a supply of tonics to swig when fleeing.


If you find a consistent way to get the side door open I’d be keen to hear it!

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As you all may know, Rockstar use to design random events in his games. The general design uses to depend on a basic space variable: if you are in a specific place, you have a chance to trigger some event. In fact, it is more complicated than that, but just to put it simple. But when it comes to special events, Rockstar introduces more than one variable: let’s say it could depend on being in a specific place and being there also in a specific time. I’m sure you all have a general knowledge of what I’m talking about.


Keeping this in mind, my thinking process was: let’s try to rob this backroom business in a different ways and maybe with this trial-and-error way I can find out how to trigger that damn barred door to be opened.


Until this moment, I haven’t been able to reproduce what I get at the first attempt, but I just want to report the different scenarios I have tested:

  • Robbing at different day times.
  • Killing every O’driscoll guys.
  • Killing them with no deadeye.
  • Killing no one of them (I just tied them).
  • Killing all, except one.
  • Stealing all or just the money on the table.
  • Not killing the doctor and killing him.
  • Not killing the girl or killing her.
  • Robing with the law officer outside accepting the kickback.
  • Kill the law officer that accepts the kickback and then robbing the backroom business.
  • Combining the variables above.



So, as you can understand, I could continue trying with out finding out the key scenario. That said, I would appreciate if someone can provide some knowledge on datamining. That could solve all the doubts. I mean to check the files to see what triggers that door to be opened. Or at least, if someone could please provide the file. I remember the community did the same with chiliad mystery, there was a file with all the events, so everybody could check it and I guess there must be a similar file inside this game.




Thanks in advance BTW

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Some news about this mission? I'm trying a no bounty playthrough. 


I didn't done the Bless the meek mission yet, but I'll try if I can pass it without bounty. 


Is there a way to open that back door? 

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I was attempting 3 times to rob this store, never, but there was not any other way out. I think it's meant to be that lost cause. And if you could escape via rear entrance, it could be a bug, since gang members use these doors, so they are technically openable.

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