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Make DYOM popular again

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Posted (edited)


This topic is made for ideas and suggestions HOW TO MAKE DYOM POPULAR AGAIN.

GTA San Andreas is very amazing game. Millions of people are playing this game every day and that is the fact. I realise that people who made DYOM are now adults... they maybe have families... who knows. They maybe don't have time for this. DYOM is best mod for GTA SA. We need to do something and make DYOM famous again. Leave your ideas and suggestions. Ignoring the topic will not help.



Edited by MihajloS

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Posted (edited)

These types of conversation had been brought up a lot of times, but the conclusion was the same. There is no problem at all, nothing wrong with the mod or any new version can revive this modification again. People are moving on with new games and something like DYOM is not dynamic (like multi-player games) where you get updates every day. People are bored of everything here, and most importantly everyone is busy. 

This is a fact that people like to spend their spare time of a day with something more fun and unique so they can enjoy it thoroughly unlike dyom where you get to see same things over again and again. Even after a new addon, we couldn't gather much activity that we were thinking to get, and that was the last solution we expected but unfortunately failed again.


This was one of the reason why I had to stop working on the modification because I knew the outcome of it and how much benefit it was going to give back to this modification again. 

Edited by Springfield
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Saint Medallion

Actually, DYOM has to have tons of improvements because the features of 8.1 are not enough for today's demands even if it's supported with many features by SIZZZ and even with a 8.2 modification by Springfield but those aren't sufficient for DYOM. It needs a brand new 9.0, 10.0 and so on but at the same time, what Springfield says is also right, DYOM doesn't have a dynamic character like it's in multiplayer games so it shouldn't be surprising that DYOM itself is not wide among people. In my opinion, the true body of DYOM was between 2008-2013, afterwards, something has changed and maybe after version 8.1 in 2014, things became very tricky for Dutchy3010 and PatrickW and they had to quit. I agree that DYOM is awesome and must be upgraded much more than it's already done by SIZZZ and Springfield but at the same time, the new gaming world doesn't allow the being of DYOM and every content made by DYOM is destined to stay inside the DYOM crowd.

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