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Sonny's DR Will Review Your Mission!

Recommended Posts

  • 3 weeks later...
On 11/9/2020 at 2:51 PM, Galeb said:

Let's try this:

MODLOADER: http://www.mediafire.com/file/il9soehgo7t2amx/Codename+-+E.U.C.K.rar/file

OPERATION I- The U-Boat : http://www.mediafire.com/file/4zphcggy7zsoq6v/The+U+Boat.zip/file


If you are interested in 2nd operation, feel free to msg me : )

Thanks for another mission to review. I'll walkthrough it asap ;)


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8 hours ago, SonnyDR said:

Mission made by @The John David

Thank you pal for accepting my request!

Allow me to clarify something about the cons you listed on your video description:



- Some grammar mistakes.

  • It's commonly to have mistakes because there are some issues typing a character either it's supported or unsupported using DYOM. I used the Notepad ++ to completely edit and fix some lines that aren't making sense through the story. I literally did my best to comprehend everything, but If you notice like this, try ignoring them. (Using the "DYOMTemp.txt" is pointless to fix everything, unless it's making another paragraph line that messed up the cutscenes / timeout info.)

- (8:24) Well. That garage doors aren't looking great in this place. You could other objects than this.

  • I guess you're right. That wasn't supposed the objects I was looking for to determine the height and measurements. But due of time issues. I didn't have a choice but to use the simple object to shed out the open areas inside of the warehouse. I can do better than that. But it's alright.

- (10:00) We got too much time here.

  • Well, duh, the three introduction texts makes a point for designers to pay attention. First of all, this mission focused in many sneak kills to reach the player's objective. So it's recommended to take time observing the area and enemy's presence patiently. Second, since it has a completed one-hundred (100) objectives to do. You already know how long this mission has designed. Instead of rushing and letting your guard down, try examining the enemy where they are facing to avoid yourself being killed. As for the cops. Yeah that makes it harder to get past them without killing one. (Since A.I. peds are dumber to move and kill you, you can rush ahead.)
Edited by The John David
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  • 3 weeks later...

Hey, Sonny! I am working on my first mission pack. I have currently only released a prologue for it. Hope to see your review shortly! :D
Link here!

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10 hours ago, Thunder0515 said:

Hey, Sonny! I am working on my first mission pack. I have currently only released a prologue for it. Hope to see your review shortly! :D
Link here!

Done. I've recorded your mission.

  • Like 1
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Hello there Sonny! :]

I'd like to submit this "old" Storyline i did for reviewing, so i can have some useful feedback in case i find the time to do something like continuing it and maybe remastering the first Act 🌚

https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/64604 (don't read the comment below, it's spoiler)

Edited by VikingEVM
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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 3 weeks later...
31 minutes ago, lascha2nd said:

You still alive homie?

I think he is, He just isn't very active on the forums for some reason.

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  • 2 weeks later...
2 hours ago, SonnyDR said:



Ok so just watched the video and would like to share some of my thoughts regarding your points:


1- I am not new to DYOM, yes I am an unfamiliar name but I started making missions in early 2019 and eventually took a layoff from mid 2019 till now.

2- Cutscene capturing is something I am working and need improvement so I appreciate you pointing it out for me, however the part where it goes through the stallion was intentional, it was meant as a reveal to the character's disguise.

3- the unlimited ammo thing is my fault tbh and I should start implementing some limitations, however as for the shared weapons well I was on 100 limit so there wasn't anything I can do

4-As for the grammar like u and ur, again because of dialogue limits, and ik some people said to add more cutscenes but then again I was on 100 or 99 as far as I can remember, and no there is no shorter way to explain the plot clearly, otherwise it would result in some odd comments and incoherent dialogue for me which people don't understand. But I will try and keep my eye on it to my best abilities.


Thanks again for your time and review, looking forward to your work, also sidenote you should review every MOTW missions from last week in a video and tell us who you would vote for, cheers pal.

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