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Battlefield 2042


Recommended Posts

The combat chopper seems a little OP. After 2 minutes he starts using that "KA-520 Super Hokum", i mean that chopper is almost unstoppable with a good pilot. And damn it's ugly, with it's 2 propellors on top of each other.

In previous Battlefields the combat choppers were already OP, but in this omg, that thing is getting altitude so quick it's creepy, what should infantry ppl on the ground do against that monster chopper, they can only hope another chopper or jet or AA vehicle takes them down it seems.


It's such cheesy gameplay by that pilot.


I haven't played Battlefield in years, well i did but mostly always Infantry Only, seems i must start flying and using tanks again. Your doomed as an infantry on the ground.


Edit: And in this video clearly can be seen, he is just a mediocore player like other ppl, if he plays an infantry himself.


Edited by Mexicola9302
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Steam Preload is active now, i just started downloading it. It should have been active like 30 minutes ago, but it didn't but now it works.

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I just played a round on Kaleidoskope, it was meh, i haven't tried portal yet, hopefully that is better.


The specialists are so damn annoying, it's unbelievable.

Edited by Mexicola9302
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24 minutes ago, Mexicola9302 said:

I just played a round on Kaleidoskope, it was meh, i haven't tried portal yet, hopefully that is better.


The specialists are so damn annoying, it's unbelievable.

Portal so far for me is where it's at! Did a few matches of 1942 and it sh*ts all over BFV, then again they never really had to try. :kekw:


Sniping is so satisfying!

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I played Portal BF3 for 4 rounds or something, it really isn't that bad, but the maingame is kinda meh.


But the performance is pretty good with my rig, i never got under 105 FPS i think, only in 1080p but all maxed out without raytracing. I only got a 1080p monitor, usually i play on my 4K 120 HZ G-Sync TV with x-box one controller, finally it has it's benefits still having an old 27' acer 144 HZ G-Sync monitor, i only play competetive shooters with that old monitor. Bought it in 2015 it still works like on day one (Acer Predator XB270HAbprz), no dead pixels no nothing, so no reason to buy a new one.


Gonna try Portal BC2 later today, see how that is, and after that 1942. But the map selection really sucks, just 2 maps each in the older games, and barely any weapon selection, well not yet. Really hope they bring back more maps and weapons. 


The ppl in the steam community go crazy, browsing through the threads i had to laugh, calling it a really sh*tty game, but it's okay, not the best and not the worst, at least something new. If they add more weapons and maps to portal, fix the weird gunplay mechanics, it will be a good game, it will just take some time to iron that out.

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Honestly think I'ma give it a few weeks/months before I pick it up, give it the ol' BF4 treatment basically.


Still not sold on the specialist system either, still holding a candle of hope that they'll admit defeat there and redo it into something more Battlefield, but I somewhat doubt it.

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4 hours ago, EmSixTeen said:

If any of the old BF2 or BF3 folks are around, hit me up if you want to play this.

I played 3000 hours of BF2, if you wanna add me. Name same like here on Steam, and on Origin also same Name.


But seriously im not good in BF 2042 yet.


Edit: Damn i even was one of the best 100 players in the end of the BF2 Ranking Worldwide, shortly before it stopped because of Gamespy.


I had 900 Jet hours, i was a godlike jet pilot back then. My best kill was killing 2 entire squads 12 ppl at once with just one bomb of a F35B on Wake Island.


But now 17-18 years later, damn i suck in BF 2042 like a noob. First i need to learn the basics, know the maps etc.


I only like Conquest btw. no Rush no other crap.


And i NEVER use a mic.


Im in CET Timezone, your from Ireland so it should be similar.


Im 33 already so no kiddo anymore.

Edited by Mexicola9302
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Reached rank 29, had a dabble in Harzard Zone. It's ok i suppose.


Oh, the PP-29 is fun to use. Love any gun with high ROF.

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Game runs like absolute ass on my 2080Ti and 9900k. Everything on low with RTX off and DLSS on auto and I'm getting 28-40fps. Averaging at 30. Switch over to Portal and I'm getting 60-70 frames, same settings.


The only enjoyable part of this game for me where I have had fun is playing on Valpariso and AT4'ing blackhawks out of the sky. The regular game sucks absolute ass and lacks even the most basic features. Such a disappointment. The game desperately needed another 2 years of development time.


I used the EA Pass trial for 10 hours. Don't think I'll be playing much more of the game after that point.

Bustin' makes me feel good

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Safe to say i've botted the absolute shyte out of this over the weekend :fartkek:



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Anyone on 30-20 series gpu's you can turn on dx12 via the settings in your documents folder, don't see why they never added it in game 🤷‍♂️


Also turn that god awful DoF off, when you ads.


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So what is the deal here? In terms of non-custom matches and just EA official servers, are we really stuck with only 4 guns per category?


I think it would massively suck if I can't use any gun on any map by default. I don't like the idea of themed map sets with locked weapon and kit styles. Though playing bad company maps again is definitely cool. I don't have the game yet so can't tell what the map rotation is like. Do you only get into a queue of futuristic maps, or does it switch to WW2 randomly? For example if I only wanted to play bad company 2 styled gameplay, is it only going to run like 4 maps or something? I feel like DICE couldn't make up their mind on what to make next so they made all of it, but then the game feels disjointed and not a complete product just all their games merged into one with only a quarter of the content from each?


Idealy you should be able to be using the WW2 guns on all maps, and the bad company and bf3 guns on all maps except WW2.


I guess at the very least this could mean we will get BFVietnam maps and weapon loadouts which could be awesome finally. However if I have to only play custom matches just to have those guns then that sucks balls, especially if you can't customize any of those guns.


The game will probably feel more complete once it has way more maps and weapons but I feel like I am buying 3 or 4 quarter made games...


BF4 had like 10 f*cking guns per kit or type. 4 guns per type seems to me very f*cking lazy, and if a lot of them are locked out based off what theme you are on, then that sucks ballsacks.

Edited by Daz
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This game right now is the perfect example of my mind is telling me no but my heart is telling me to buy it now.


It's coming in hot, it's undercooked in areas, it's got issues, it'll take a few months for DICE to get it in the state it should be that's worth buying, and I do think they will get it there, but I'm thinking I'll wait for a month or two before buying it.


But then I see some of the clips coming out and I'm like fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff*ck it still looks fun.

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Aye just wait i guess? Unless yae wanna be ran over by flying boats 24/7. They're pushing a patch out tomorrow and i think there's a chunky day one patch too? Also, for anyone that is playing and passed lvl 50, have you tried the M5C Bolte? That things 30mm cannon is lethal!


I suppose i'm really just hooked on 2042 since it takes me back to the owld BF3 & 4 days. Even with it's issues.

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Ahead of the start of our worldwide launch for Battlefield 2042, we have a small update targeted at addressing some critical issues that we identified shortly before the start of Early Access.

In the coming weeks, we’ll have more to share around further upcoming fixes, balance changes, and QoL enhancements. Over the next 30 days, we’re presently scheduled to release two further updates, with our next update delivering more fixes and improvements that we’ve identified during this first week of Early Access, and a larger and more substantial update following after that.

Our full update notes are available below. There’ll be a short period of downtime whilst we deploy the update. We’ll keep you updated on our deployment timing over on the @BattlefieldComm Twitter account, where you can also follow along with our tracking of known issues, and changes that we’re able to make in real time


Battlefield Community Manager

Twitter: @PartWelsh

Update 0.2.1

Fixes, Changes, and Improvements

  • Implemented Server Side upgrades that are targeted at reducing instances of Rubber Banding, often experienced in the later part of a round in All-Out Warfare modes.
  • Significantly reduced instances of stuttering when playing on Breakaway. If the Silo’s are destroyed, it should no longer reduce performance on the server.
    • A note that we are continuing to investigate similar occurrences that have been reported to us on other maps.
  • When looking at allies on your team, their names will now correctly display.
  • Adjusted the animations for Falck during the End of Round sequence to ensure that she is displayed correctly.
  • Updated a skin earnable for Boris via Mastery Progression with a new name: Gator.
  • Ensured that TDM Rounds in Battlefield Portal always start with Random Deploy set as active. We observed that this sometimes wasn’t active when moving from round to round, but have now fixed this.
  • Applied a set of measures that ensure the correct number of AI spawn in Custom Battlefield Portal modes using the Free for All preset.
  • PC Only - Enabled Specialist Selection in Hazard Zone via mouse interaction, removing the need to lock in your selection with the Spacebar.
  • Fixed a rare occurrence in Hazard Zone that would sometimes cause the End of Round flow to not activate correctly, ensuring that the correct amount of bonus XP was awarded.
  • Repaired an issue found in Hazard Zone that could cause players to be shown on the Map when they were not visible, or spotted.
  • Provided a fix for Hazard Zone players who were not seeing their Extraction Streaks updating correctly.

The details listed in this article may change as we listen to community feedback and continue developing and evolving our Live Service & Content. We will always strive to keep our community as informed as possible




It was 1.4 GB size for me, Steam Version.

Edited by Mexicola9302
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Tried the trial on PC seeing as I might as well.


Feels like BF in a good way, gameplay feels solid and the environments are stunning so far. Do think it can be a bit rough if you're infantry though due to the lack of cover and distance between the capture points but it's not too bad. Was kinda digging the idea of the shield guy but couldn't find any good spots to really take advantage of the shield just yet, but it could be fun to mess around with.


Few things I'm meh on though, first of all is that mental blur that you get when you ADS with a scope, nfi what that is but I can't find the option to turn it off and it makes my eyes bleed. Second is the armour system... I have nothing positive to say about it and no ideas about how to improve it, it just doesn't feel needed at all. Also the cosmetic customisation is poor and the specialists being personalities still annoys me but I can live with that, it does sorta slow down the end of match stuff though. But honestly nothing that isn't easily fixable, the foundations are there and the game is a lot of fun once you get a good game going.


Performance wise it's a bit stuttery in places and I had some slight rubberbanding but I was running the game on good settings (mix of high/ultra) at 3440x1440 with DLSS on balanced and it was running well fine overall.

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That ads DoF can be turned off in the games documents, also you can enable dx12.


It's gonna be interesting to see what happens tomorrow with the offical release.

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40 minutes ago, DEADWOODZ said:

It's gonna be interesting to see what happens tomorrow with the offical release.


Yea that's why I'm not rushing to buy this now even after having a lot of fun with the trial thus far.


Btw, how do you find the sector system here? I sorta feel splitting each point into 3 was honestly a little bit overkill tbh, I genuinely think the old model could've worked with bigger maps or maybe just another point or two.

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Feel like a large part of the Steam reviews are from a sentiment felt throughout the industry right now.


Due to the service based nature of gaming nowadays and support than can last for two or three years or longer, games get a lot of fixes and QoL changes that the community request but then the sequel or next game in the franchise launches and it's back to square one again. 2042 isn't the only game guilty of this, Destiny, Division and honestly most service based shooters or progression games are all guilty of it in recent years. It always feels like one step forward and one or two steps back every time when one of these games comes out now.


Couple that with technical issues, which is another thing people are getting real tired of, and it's really just no surprise.


Personally from what I've played my main complaint is honestly the openness of the maps, there's just no where near enough cover for infantry at the moment. You basically feel like fish in a barrel for vehicles and aircraft constantly.

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They reactived solo/co-op progress against bots. Now it's possible to unlock all weapon mods including mastery stuff, also cosmetic stuff like skins for weapons etc. 


I will kill a lot of bots in the next few hours unlocking stuff for my weapons, to be prepared for the multiplayer, without the right mods you just lose, because the other ppl already farmed bots before. I was too lazy last week for that, but now i do it too.

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  • 2 months later...

How are people still feeling about this game? EA tried to blame halo for the failure of 2042. I'm not so sure, I think it may have had something to do with the core design. I can't quite put my finger on it, but possibly the player cap? 128 players may just be too large for a battlefield game, or maybe perhaps they went the wrong about designing the maps. 


Also, 120,000 people have signed a petition for a refund. Ouch.

Edited by 1whitebuddah
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EA literally came out and said  that DICE games usually come out unfinished but they have a good history of working with their community and fixing it up or some mumbo jumbo, further saying the reason for the criticism was because gamers are tired of games releasing in such states now.


Which is right, hilarious to see them outright say it, but it's right... but it's also missing the other big aspect which is that the design choices DICE made went down like a turd. Until DICE admit they were wrong there 2042 has no hope of any sort of come back.

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BF4 release was much worse, well in my memory. I did barely hit sh*t with my gun the server lag was so horrible. This never happened in 2042. Hmm maybe because i got a good PC or something.


Ppl nowadays expect much more, but sure the game sucks in it's state, but it can become better still, just like the titles before.


For me it works fine somehow hmm.


I hate the specialists i want normal armies that is so pretty much all.


BF4 release sucked much worse IMO. It was a real sh*t show back then, the problem is "new players" got no idea how bad a release can be.


Ever seen how good the effects are if there is a storm? The palms and trees bend in the direction of the wind etc. it looks awesome.


For me the game is a 5/10 atm, it's not bad or very good.

Edited by Mexicola9302
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