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Andre the Accelerator - who is he?


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GrandTheftWiki stands Andre was voiced by himself, IMDb suggests some "André" was the one behind The Accelerator's voice and these two people say Terry Donovan (the guy who mixed III's rendition of Rise FM) was the voice actor of Andre. The Donovan theory sounds faux to me though, as Andre doesn't say anything about Terry on air. Also, I found this, but I can't play the mix, as the browser says that the site slows my browser down, so I can't say if it's related to Andre the Accelerator or not (check the mix if you can guys).

Anyways, is it known who voiced Andre the Accelerator or, if he's an actual real-life person, is there something known about Andre's real-lfie work?

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He's a bit of a mystery this bloke. If you're really keen to find more info on him, this might be a lead worth chasing.



Generation Records owns the rights to all of the music played on Rise FM. Perhaps he was a figurehead for the company? No idea. Something to chase up though.

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Huh, this is news to me.

I always thought it was André 3000, their voices are pretty damn similar. But then why would a rapper (and a pretty goddamn famous one at that) be the DJ of a house station?

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Here's something cool I stumbled across - Terry Donovan was resident DJ at House of God nightclub in Birmingham since 1994. Doesn't really answer your question but I thought it was cool.






Edited by Blaze
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  • 5 months later...

You got absolutely no idea how glad I am to see someone else is interested in finding out who Andre really is, apart from me. For 9 years I've been trying to find out anything about him but sadly, I found out what you guys already wrote here, stuff from IMDb, GTA Wiki etc. Right now, you might say I'm sort of obsessed with finding out who he is and I can safely say I am.


When I first played GTA 3, I instantly fell in love with his voice, believe it or not (that, and the fact that Rise FM is the kind of music listen to and make).


Now, here comes the tricky part.

About 2 years ago, while I was reading comments from the Rise FM video on YouTube (either the one posted by "LosGTARadio" or "Cr0n1xx", I can't remember exactly), I stumbled across someone named Andre Ferro, writing "That's me, live from the Planetarium lol". I checked this guy (he had one video posted at that time, I think he still has it now) and his voice was strangely similar to Andre the Accelerator's. (but if you check actors like Billy Eichner or Chris Wilding, you'll notice they have a high-pitched voice too, much like Andre)

What was kind of a disappointment for me was that this guy's really old (in his early 50's, I'd say...yeah, 50 is not old but you'll get why I said that after you read the next paragraph). You can check this guy on FB as well, I don't have the heart to do it anymore; or to ask him anything, since I closed my FB in 2014.


But in any case, what I think is that there's full of pretenders on the internet (and YouTube as well) and that guy was just messing with us cause he didn't have anything else better to do. I would have expected "our real Andre" to be in his mid to late 30's or something like that now, since he sounds really young in both GTA 3 and GTA: Liberty City Stories, when he greets Boy Sanchez.


What I intend to do is kinda crazy, but in the near future I'm willing to go to New York, maybe to Rockstar's HQ and ask about him; I know it's very unlikely they'll tell me anything but I see it as the only shot I got. The only big problem is that I live in Europe and it can be a bit difficult for me to fly to US at 22 y/o (also expenses and the distance), or I could ask Terry Donovan on Souncloud about him but that's kinda weird.


Edited by SDouglas
spelling mistake
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  • 2 weeks later...

Sounds about right according to this


Someone go bug him on twitter

Edited by universetwisters
found his twitter
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On 10/15/2020 at 5:28 AM, universetwisters said:

Great work on finding this stuff, it just shed more light on things. Guess what, as I don't have FB, I asked one of my friends to ask this Andre Ferro if he was really Andre the Accelerator in GTA 3 and LCS but it seems like he's not really a kind man. He hasn't replied to this day, even though he saw those messages. Yep, that says a lot about someone's character. I'm aware it's his life and all and he's not owing anyone an answer, but since he (allegedly) appeared in GTA, you know, he's sort of a "public person", I don't know if you get me. When you get a question like that, it'd be nice of you to answer, just saying. Even more that he posted a comment on YT about 3 years ago on the video for Rise FM saying it was him.


Good luck on bugging him on twitter, I doubt he'll answer. What can I say, disappointing, since I thought Andre was really young (early 20's) back in the days of GTA 3 (judging by his voice). I was thinking about asking Terry Donovan (who mixed the songs on Rise FM in GTA 3) on Soundcloud about Andre but I don't think he'll remember too much, considering tomorrow is GTA 3's 19th anniversary.

On 10/20/2020 at 12:42 PM, Evil empire said:

Andre the accelerator is someone people don't like to work with and whose vehicle choices are more predictible than the average ; in either situation he never takes a break.

And definitely someone who likes to keep his identity hidden :))))) See credits in GTA 3 manual as "André" and in GTA LCS end credits as "DJ Andre"...yep, very specific, I'd say. I tend to compare this situation with Game Radio's DJs, Stretch Armstrong and Lord Sear, who despite having aliases, I still managed to find a good amount of info about them.

Edited by SDouglas
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3 hours ago, Blaze said:


Thanks for sharing, I wasn't even aware this existed. Pretty sure this is the real Andre. Sad to find out he's not "the Accelerator" in real life as well though

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  • 4 weeks later...

Welp, received a response from Andre himself.


Message I sent:

"Hey Andre, sorry for the out of the blue message but I was curious as to if you were the guy who voiced and did the mix as Andre the Accelerator for Rise FM on GTA3? If so, I'd be incredibly grateful if you could answer a couple of short questions:

- How did you end up working with Rockstar Games?
- How/why were the tracks from Generation records selected?
- Was the Planetarium mentioned based off any real life venues, or solely fictional?
- Any other noteworthy trivia about the experience?

Thankyou for your time!"


Message I received:


Hope all is well with you.

I was asked by Lazlow Jones who works for RockStar Games and used to work at 92.7 LIR if I was interested in voicing some voice tracks for the game specifically Rise -FM and I was more than happy to do so.  I was a passionate dance music fan still am and I was spinning at most of the LIR clubs at the time.  Planetarium could be a play on Palladium not really sure . I guess Laslow would really be the guy to ask. He’s still over at Rock-Star .



Seems like Andre is a bit out of the loop as Lazlow left R* this year, but the the gist of it seems to be; Lazlow worked at 92.7 WLIR (hosting "The Technofile" and "Underground Hard Drive" shows), started working for R* and asked his ex work colleague Andre to do voiceovers for Rise FM, as Andre was heavily involved in the club scene. Given he didn't mention/respond to the tracks used question, I'd hazard a guess it was Terry Donovan who did the mix - either way, Andre mystery solved!

Edited by Blaze
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  • 3 weeks later...

At least Andre seems like a swell guy. I tried to get in contact with the VA for Phanny Jo Styles in GTA 2. I asked if she did GTA 2 and the bitch blocked me. Some people's egos, man.

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This is the reason this is the best board on the site. The passion here to keep learning about this game almost 20 years later. III will never die. 

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  • 3 months later...
Andre the Accelerator

Hey Guys ! 


Hope you’re  ALL doing well and enjoying video games as at least a good distraction and more . Been getting some messages from some of you as too who voiced Rise-FM on GTA-3 . Yeah that was me Andre Ferro aka Andre the Accelerator. I’m a radio dj , programmer , club dj , and traffic reporter . All the best to all of you - what’s up with that lol. 



Andre 😎 

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5 hours ago, Andre the Accelerator said:

Hey Guys ! 


Hope you’re  ALL doing well and enjoying video games as at least a good distraction and more . Been getting some messages from some of you as too who voiced Rise-FM on GTA-3 . Yeah that was me Andre Ferro aka Andre the Accelerator. I’m a radio dj , programmer , club dj , and traffic reporter . All the best to all of you - what’s up with that lol. 



Andre 😎 

If this is legit, this is awesome! Thanks for stopping by Andre!


Also, the fact that no one has taken that username until now is a surprise!

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