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LCN doesn't refresh HELP


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Recently bought GTA 5 and started playing on PC story mode. Today I have done the first heist and tried to start trading at LCN. When I buy some stocks, they don’t change in value. At first I bought them at Sunday and found that on this day the stocks aren’t moving, so saved and started again on Tuesday. Again the same effect. Many videos on YouTube show that every 10 or 45 seconds they should change, but they don’t. Anyone had this problem? Fixes?

Thanks very much, bit desperate here

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There's no need to trade on the stock market unless you are doing the assassination missions.

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Thanks for the reaction, but my fear is that the stocks also won't refresh when I'm doing the assassination missions.

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  • 2 years later...
Lego Collector YYC
I believe this is a Saved Game bug, as new game playthroughs work properly until I save, turn off the console, and reload the game.
This bug seems to corrupt all saved game load outs.
I have uploaded a video to YouTube to show the difference between a properly working LCN Stock refresh, and the corrupt saved game profile.


Any help for a solution would be greatly appreciated.
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  • 3 months later...

Yup, having the same problem, so I guess the LCN just stops updating so frequently once you hit a point in the game or just once you save and reload manually?

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  • 2 months later...

Hello guys, i know that this is a relatively old topic. BUT!
I think i know the problem around here.

As I checked the video, and the stock-graph that is moving, I mentioned that this graph is divided by days on the bottom side of it and is representing a stock change history for a week. 
If you look closely, you will mention that the stock graph-line supposed to make ~4 changes per day, that means that the stock price must change every 6 ingame hours.
Thus when you go to sleep, you are spending 8 ingame hours and triggering stock to change.

So basically this bug doesn't work in the direction that you guys think.

The fast refreshing at the beginning of the new game is the bug, and not the slow one when you reloading your save.

Unfortunately, i'd wanted to have fast-changing stocks too, but.... This is how it works.
Maybe you know some GTA5 mods that speeds up price change on the stocks?

I guess, this explanation is enough, Im flying away 😃

Edited by Wildmazay
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