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GTANet Needs You - Header Competition for GTANet.com

Recommended Posts

Posted (edited)

There are quite a few good ones in this thread! Nonetheless, I thought of giving it a go....


I VERY QUICKLY threw a few versions together... Didn't realise the cut off was BST! If any of the versions are chosen I am happy to polish off the transparency and have better quality photos taken).


Classy simple ones:






















Funky GTA-themed ones:















Some more creative ones (I can re-take the photos once I have the access to good equipment - which will be after the lockdown sadly):


















And the one with the damn train:





Edited by Lioshenka

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The Lucky Mole

Waiting 😁!

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To avoid modifying my submission post just wanted to say that I dig the monochrome banners from page 2 (there's three different ones I think). They include more than one game, don't draw too much attention to themselves and use the official artwork.

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Thank you everyone for your submissions, they are now closed! We will be announcing the winners in the coming days, along with their rewards!

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Woop! We've finally made the change and @MyLifer's great art work is now our main header.


Sorry for the delay on that, we had a few technical issues with putting some banners on the site and real life commitments and etc etc, but all of the winners' rewards were sent as soon as uNi's post was made, so that's what matters ;)


Check it out:


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