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Top 10 Best Adult Cartoon

Recommended Posts

Posted (edited)

The following is just my personal opinion and all that jazz.


#1 American Dad

Unlike Family Guy, I think American Dad has pretty much been good since day one. I also thinks it’s SUPER funny and quite easily the best adult cartoon to ever air.

#2 Aqua Teen Hunger Force

In many ways, I think it’s the more classic, funny, and overall superior to Rick and Morty. Its fanbase in deed is a lot more chill.

#3 Drawn Together

Very creative and hilarious. I wish they’d bring it back.
#4 Brickleberry

A funny show about five park rangers and a sarcastic and spoiled bear cub at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. I wish they’d bring this back too. Quite easily the best thing Tom Kenny has ever been in.

#5 Futurama

Spawned a lot of hilarious memes and the show was quite funny as well.

#6 South Park

The modern seasons of Family Guy and The Simpsons could easily learn a thing or two from this long running show since 1997. It’s really quite rare for shows running this long to remain good and South Park manages to do just that IMO.

#7 Happy Tree Friends

It was pretty much the forest animal version of South Park. Just as violent, if not more so. So screwed up but so funny at the same time.

#8 Family Guy

Seasons 1-6 only. Those were very clever and funny with their humor. Anything after season six though is a complete dumpster fire IMO.

#9 The Simpsons

Seasons 1-9 only and for all the same reasons as Family Guy from seasons 1-6. While I like classic Family Guy better than classic Simpsons, I like modern Simpsons better than modern Family Guy. Modern Simpsons still sucks though.

#10 Clone High

I wish they’d bring this one back too. I especially like how they’re clones of historical figures going to high school. As most who know me know, I am in deed a history enthusiast.


Feel free to make your own top ten lists of your favorite adult cartoons. Also feel free to share what you agree or disagree with on the list, just make it civil and constructive.

Edited by Outlaw Biker Viking
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Posted (edited)

I don't watch too many these days, doubt I could do 10, lol.


The Simpsons is a clear winner for me, one of my all time favourite shows, let alone cartoon. I have so much memoribilia collected over the years too, all the comics too. It'll be a sad day when they do pull the plug on the show, although I can understand some criticisms, I find plenty just ride the bandwagon of hate too, lol. I still love it so.


1, The Simpsons

2, Family Guy

3, Futurama

4, King of the Hill

5, Beavis and Butt-head

6, Ren and Stimpy

7, South Park

8, American Dad


Can't think of any more, although The Clone Wars is awesome but for younger kids too, and Phineas and Ferb is a guilty pleasure my lad enjoys and I found myself laughing at too. :)

Edited by Lonely-Martin
Poxy autospell
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1. South Park 

2. Futurama  

3. Bob's Burgers

4. King Of The Hill

5. Aqua Teen

6. American Dad

7. Squidbillies

8. The Simpsons

9. Family Guy (sometimes)

10. Home Movies

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1. South Park

2. Rick and Morty

3. The Simpsons

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Naughtius Maximus
Posted (edited)

I'll do my best to keep it fair.


#1. South Park: My all-time favourite TV show after I've been watching it since 13. Perfect balance of profane satirical comedy and dick-and-fart jokes. To explain this wider, Trey and Matt know where to draw the line: They become edgy and crude when it's necessary and they become didactic and soft-touching when the time comes. If I were to classify the show's progress through the years, I'd say that the golden age of South Park was from Season 1 to Season 6 (which lacked Kenny as a means of plot device, but that season was the greatest IMO). From Season 6 to Season 10, it was still awesome but those season didn't have the magic of classic years. From Season 11 to Season 15, the show was almost on the same page of goodiness. I'd say that South Park has started going down hill with Season 16. However, for a show of that kind of long run, South Park still manages to crack it funny and does its best to be innovative (I honestly liked the following story arcs of Season 19 to Season 21).  Also the show's full of memorable characters who faced with strong character development with best examples of Stan, Kenny, Kyle, Cartman, Butters, Randy and even small cannons such as Craig, Tweek and Officer Barbrady.


#2. Futurama: The reason I list Futurama above The Simpsons is that the show is almost perfect from start to finish, despite its shorter run. Blending the past, present and future, Futurama has a imaginative comedy style (with examples like Robot Hell, Roswell episode, Bender Meets God, Spanish Fry). Also there are moments where things get humane and soft-hearted (Game of Tones, Jurassic Bark, Lars' True Identity, The Luck of the Fryrish).


#3. The Simpsons: Identical, pioneer comedy. A huge cast of iconic characters. I've never done a full run of The Simpsons, but I've watched enough to make a fair comparison. I'd say that the show's gold age was from Season 3 to Season 9. However, I'd say that the show did good until the fifteenth season. Now, they're just beating a dead horse. Gotta admit though, some of the newer episodes like Bart-Mangled Banner, Coming to Homerica, That '90s Show and Clown in the Dumps are pretty good. 


#4. Rick and Morty: Brain-twisting and clever in writing, nihilistic in nature. Crappy fanbase. The first two seasons are gold. I'd say that the third season is average. For example, I'm not fond of Pickle Rick despite the popular opinion. Season 4 has been better so far. 


#5. F is for Family: A seventies nostalgia sandwich, but also presents watchable material for millenials as well. The characters are open to character development from the first moment. One of my main arguments would be that F is for Family has stronger female characters compared to other adult cartoons, such as Sue and Maureen Murphy. In fact, all of the characters are fun to watch and have their moments: Bill getting traumatized over the slightest thing, Frank's angry rants, Kevin's "gotta get laid" saga, Vic shooting up his own house etc.


#6. King of the Hill: Recommendable for viewers who prefer comedy with a more realistic tone - which gives King of the Hill a special spot in my list.


#7. Ugly Americans: An unpopular choice, but I loved Ugly Americans for the innovative genius and unique style of comedy. It's a shame that it only lasted for two seasons. I'd say that Sympathy for the Devil, Kill... Mark, Kill, Ride to Hell, Blob Gets Job are top-notch memorable episodes.


#8. Beavis and Butthead: Quick fix of slacker comedy. Not much to say but gotta like these two bumbling idiots.


#9. Disenchantment: Serious linear storytelling. Good-balanced character development. Perfect-shot references. Almost as good as Futurama but Disenchantment doesn't have the same magic. I'm willing to give it a better chance in the upcoming seasons.


#10. Big Mouth: Sexual exploration themed comedy which is good for what it is. Big Mouth is generally straight to the point and these moments are richer in comedy, but sometimes it doesn't cut to the chase, which makes the jokes plain hit-and-miss. Unexpectedly good at character development.


Honorable Mentions: The Boondocks, American Dad, Family Guy (Season 1 to Season 3), Archer.


Edited by Rebel Yell
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Haven't seen that many of them,but from the ones I've seen,I'd choose these:

5) Futurama

4) Heavy Metal (1981 animated movie)

3) The Simpsons (would be second on the list after South Park if the quality was still as good as back in the 90s,or at least as in the 2000s before the movie)

2) Primal

1) South Park

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Mister Pink

Don't really have 10 but I'll  give 5. 


The Simpsons

South Park

Family Guy

F Is For Family

Beavis & Butthead


Others: Rick & Morty, King of The Kill, Archer. 


I just need to see more of the others. Animation isn't my go-to but have seen multiple seasons of shows in my list and only a few episodes of the ones in "others" - really like them, just haven't watched enough. 


Hoping we see more love for F Is For Family. It's great. 


"Don't improvise, this aint Jazz, mothaf*cka!"



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I don't watch much TV anymore and I'm quite far behind on all of these but I use to make sure I saw every episode as soon as it aired. If Futurama ever comes back it will be the only show I make sure I keep up to date with. I am upto date with Paradise PD but that's just because it is so easy with all the episodes right there on Netflix.


Futurama. Still really want it back.

American Dad. Some of the episodes since moving to TBS have been really meh but overall I still like it.

The Simpsons. Been watching this my entire life since it started in Australia the year I was born. I think the older episodes were better but I still think it is a decent show.

Family Guy. Gone downhill quite a lot but still not a bad show.

Paradise PD. Stupid show but makes me laugh.

South Park. Loved the first 10 years or so but I stopped watching it for some reason. I tried to get back into it a couple of years ago but it is unwatchable for me now.

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Naughtius Maximus
On 4/22/2020 at 6:30 PM, GTA-Biker said:

Heavy Metal (1981 animated movie)

I've only focused on adult animated TV series, but in all honesty, Heavy Metal is one of my top favourite adult animation movies. I love how that damned "green ball" sneaks from one place to another, bringing chaos and bloodshed to everywhere it goes. It's the definition of how an adult cartoon should be: blood, gore, nudity, brain f*ck-festing fantasy, drug references... and a darned good soundtrack full of hard freakin' rock'n'roll. 


Care to join me for some Plutonian Nyborg? NOSE DIVE!



If the movies count as well, I'd obviously pick Fritz the Cat movies, both the first one and The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat.

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The Wolf Man
Posted (edited)

The Simpsons

Rick & Morty

BoJack Horseman

Edited by The Wolf Man
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1. The Boondocks

2. The Venture Bros.

3. Archer

4. Disenchantment

5. Rick and Morty

6. American Dad

7. Family Guy


I like The Simpsons, King of the Hill, and Futurama but I'm not sure I'd classify them in the same category of "adult" cartoon as the others. I'm not even sure if Disenchantment belongs on that list. Daria's another one I really love and it's certainly not a Saturday morning cartoon but I wouldn't go so far as to say it's an "adult show".

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I can't make a complete top 10, but for anyone who hasn't watched BoJack Horseman yet I can strongly recommend it. It lures you into this false idea that it's a comedy, and then bam, it hits you right where it hurts. It's the best comedy/drama series I've ever watched. Loved it.


Others that I have really enjoyed in order.


1. Bojack Horseman

2. Simpsons (up to about season 10)

3) Futurama

4) Metalocalypse

5) Rick and Morty

6) Harvey Birdman

7) Archer

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On 4/22/2020 at 5:30 PM, GTA-Biker said:

Haven't seen that many of them,but from the ones I've seen,I'd choose these:

5) Futurama

4) Heavy Metal (1981 animated movie)

3) The Simpsons (would be second on the list after South Park if the quality was still as good as back in the 90s,or at least as in the 2000s before the movie)

2) Primal

1) South Park

Not sure if it really counts as an adult cartoon (it has some mild swearing, a lot of killing and adult themes like organized crime,but it doesn't have any gore, sex or harsh swearing),but I think Killer Bean Forever definitely deserves an honorable mention on my list.


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