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game crash on PS4


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My game just froze as I was about to complete a vigilante kill in the tank, with wanted level 4. The audio kept running, but the screen is just frozen .


Thing is, I had just played for two hours, getting 40 or 50 hidden packages, and hadn't saved yet.  I guess there's no chance it will unfreeze if I just leave it sit for a while?


I hadn't seen this before in this playthrough. Nor in my playthrough of GTA3 as a PS2 classic on PS4. Is this a known thing that happens? Anything I can do to avoid it in the future?

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I've actually had the game crash during vigilante across all platforms. Normally on my end though it's when I'm using the Chopper. What I believe happens is the game tries to spawn another enemy when it shouldn't, which could be the root cause. That's my best guess, as I said I've seen it happens many times before. So I can tell you for sure it's not because it's the PS4 port. Best countermeasure to the problem is save often.




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