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Clever Caviar

GTA4 Save file format

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Clever Caviar


I'm trying to parse and read the BLOCKs inside of the GTA4 save file. Using this as a guide, https://gtamods.com/wiki/Saves_(GTA_4). I'm doing this against the new Complete edition, as released on Steam. Has the file layout changed at all? 

It could be that:
- I'm not very good at this (quite possible, it's not my usual wheelhouse)
- it's changed for real.

I'm doing this in NodeJS, reading the file to a buffer and slicing out the BLOCK areas, offsetting as per the specs in the link above. Some values look...correct, others not so.

Where's the best place to ask about/discuss this - here, or is there an IRC for GTA4 modding dev and file format specs?

Kind regards


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The save structures are the same between the Complete Edition and the older version with some slight changes. I researched quite a lot of the structures in the article you linked. These are the changes in the new version save file:

  • Since xlive is no longer required to play, the data signature in the end block has mostly been trimmed.
  • The "Blip" structure in Block 9 had a slight change where the sprite name (at offset 0x1F) was changed to a `wchar_t` instead of a `char` causing all other fields to offset.

Nothing else was changed, so I'm unsure why you would have trouble in parsing the file properly. The offsets in some block are relative to the start of the block (the "B" in BLOCK) and others are offset to after the "BLOCK", i.e at offset 5. The indented tables are offset to the last field, so for example the SimpleVars block starts at offset 0x9 and not at offset 0x0 as you might think if you were only reading the offsets. It is done so to make it easier to understand, and properly document dynamic parts of the save (like the Scripts structure).



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