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Wishlist/update ideas (PS4)

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So i know this will probably not happen due to reason but i just thought of some good ideas that you could include in the epilogue

- Make it so you can go out with Abigail and Jack to do stuff
- Have it so deliveries come to the ranch for supplies for your ranch

- Have a cut scene or conversation for selling things you have done on your ranch

And that's all i have tell me what you think in the comments. This is purely for immersion in my eyes as i like immersive games 

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Dark Rosewood Varnish
Posted (edited)

Yeah I think you should be able to do more with the Beechers Hope ranch. Like craft-able decorative/furniture upgrades for certain rooms or on the exterior of the ranch house, kinda like how you could upgrade the various camps with rugs, stools, tables and decorative things like animal skulls and such. That would have been really cool.


Would have just added more gameplay as you would have to spend more time hunting for specific pelts and animals. 


Also I think the 'sell goods' option was tacked on at the last minute, hence why it's so brief. Would have been cool to do all the chores so you could load up a full wagon, then do various drop offs to buyers across the game world.

Edited by Dark Rosewood Varnish
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Posted (edited)

Some more:

* include John's pre-epilogue outfits in the wardrobe,

* include a lot of the clothing, equipment (such as the Navy revolver) and horsies from Online,

* add more side-missions and random encounters in New Austin,

Edited by Bakamomo
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Posted (edited)

I feel all of these ideas implemented would make the epilogue more better,fun and immersive hopefully they do that plus do the devs read these are what?

Edited by Robbiedoggie
Adding do the devs read this or what

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Maybe we will get new content for next gen. I would want: 

. John gang outfits 

. Johns hair 

. Mexico 

. Companion feature 

. Ponchos 

. New side missions

. and small things like being able to take a bath at beeches hope  

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Add in all the online horses, weapons, equipment and clothing into story mode, Johns original hair, Mexico and new bounties/side missions.

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