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(XBOX ONE) Ironside MC is Recruiting!

Western Chiefs MC

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Western Chiefs MC

Hello everyone,



Let me Introduce ourselfs to you guys:


Who we are:

Ironside MC is a GTA V Online based MC on XBOX One.


Ironside was formed by Members that have been part of the MC Community in GTA for a long time. Our Goal is to give our Members the best possible experience, when it comes to the MC´s in the Community of GTA. 


We value the old school ways of the community and want to show how a club should really work, if you are more about the Brotherhood feeling. 

We love to see our Prospects blossom into good Patched Members and into true Brothers. Our main Goal is at the end to have fun in a Game we love and not to get caught up in Drama.


About us:


Our MC has a long story. It all started with the President Henchman, when he started up his first MC back in November 2015. A lot of People have come and also left due to different reasons. But in the end, the true brothers are still here and with a few new brothers that came and helped to make Ironside MC, the club that it is today. 


In Ironside there is nothing more important than Trust and Loyalty between our brothers. That is our keys for having a working club. Without our members having those key elements, we wouldn't be where we are today. To us this is not just a game we play and people we talk to once in a while, to us this is truly a brotherhood where we got to know a lot of new people and actually be able to call them friends and brothers. We do have a strict hierarchy system from President down to Hangarounds. But it doesnt matter what position you are in, once you earned your patches, you are a part of this Brotherhood.


Hangarounds and Prospects will be tested and trained hard, but at the end it is all worth it.


We are always open for relations with different MCs in the community, but we like to avoid conflicts as good as we can. 




Mother Charter - The Mothercharter is located in Del Perro (Westcoast). This is where the club was founded by the founding Members. Should any other charter have a problem, they will contact the Mother charter. The President of this Charter is IRON x Henchman. 


Nomad Charter - The Nomad Charter is in our MC for the people that are unable to get online regularly. They are still Brothers, it just means they can not be as active as required for the Mother Charter and are able to play with us and sit in on churches whenever they are online.




Every second week we have a meeting where the patched members sit down at the church table to discuss the upcoming or recent topics of the club. This is where the patched members will vote for any changes within the MC such as a prospect getting patched in. Church meetings are every second Sunday at 7 pm UK time / 2 pm EST time.The Church is held at the Westcoast Clubhouse.




We often enjoy hosting events open and closed to other MC´s. These can involve all kind of styles such as Bike Shows, MMA fightclubs, Drag Races and many more. We have in the past invited other clubs to our events and had a great time as well as hosted internal events just for our members and recruits. 


Prospects and Hangarounds:


We are always looking out for new prospects and hangarounds and would love to meet new potential recruits. However you must be 16 years or older to join us. The rules will be explained during a ingame interview and they must be obeyed when in a public lobby at any time. To become a full patched member you must complete a set of achievements which either the President or the Sergeant at Arms will go through with you when you join. You will also be assigned random tests and tasks not on the list by patches to keep you alert and on your toes. 


Before you can prospect you must be a hangaround for 2 weeks and were the supporter emblem whilst we determine if you are ready to prospect for us. Once you become a prospect it is down to you and your fellow prospects to mentor and look after any new or old hangarounds. 


Before you join, a hierarchy member will do an interview with you over XBOX at a time you and the member have arranged to determine if you have a place as a hangaround you still want to be a part of our brotherhood. Here you are able to ask any questions you might have.


Who to contact:


I am the President of the MC and also responsible for your progress as a prospect/hangaround and help you to complete your achievements. My Discord is: Henchman#9316.


Contact Links:


Website to apply for joining our MC - https://www.ironsidemc.com/join-us


Website in general - https://www.ironsidemc.com/


Social Club




I hope to hear from you all soon and always remember, we are a close brotherhood, and you can be part of it. 


IRON x Henchman, President and Founder of Ironside MC.




Edited by Western Chiefs MC
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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.

You need to add your Social Club Crew link to your OP, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.




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