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Simeon not calling after tutorial to unlock properties


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Hi, I apologize in advance if this has been asked hundreds of times before on this forum.


Obviously from the title you can see the problem i've encountered, Simeon hasn’t called me yet to trigger a cutscene to be able to buy properties. Im currently level 30 now, and have about 18+ hours in-game, and still nothing. Searching the internet for advice hasn't gotten my anywhere either. I’ve tried practically everything that I could find on how everyone else has fixed their issues, like uninstalling and reinstalling (multiple times), clearing game cache, running through the steps of the tutorial again in case I missed something (Lamar race, purchase in clothes store, sticking up a store, talking to Lester at the park, Cypress hills LTM, Lamar’s benny mission), standing afk for hours in freeroam/inside a store, and a few other things. Absolutely nothing has helped me.


I am on PC, but that shouldn't make much of a difference as it appears this is a universal issue. Enjoying this game is pretty difficult without being able to buy practically anything, especially since I bought the criminal mastermind DLC as well and can’t even use any of the free stuff I was given. I also put in a support ticket last night, and all they said to do is do Simeon’s dealer missions, in which case I have definitely done all of them, and still no dice.


 If anyone has anything that would help solve my issue, it would mean the world to me.


Thank you.


Edit: I also realize there is a GTA Online board, and that this may or may not belong on its current board, so sorry about that as well.

Edited by MannyGz
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