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how to get infinite minigun ammo at the very beginning of the game

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remember when i said you can't get the minigun before the mission "Farewell to Arms" ?

turns out i was wrong

there IS a way to get infinite minigun ammo

and unlike liberty city stories

this minigun has COMPLETELY out of range for display ammo

unlike LCS that had the maximum limit of 9499-500

and unlike liberty City Stories where you had to wait until unlocking the slashtv side mission

this one can be done at the very beginning of the game !

all you gotta do is pass the first mission in order to unlock side missions

don't worry, you won't wait like LCS

we're gonna get our minigun via rampages -yep, you heard me right-

and Minigun rampages are on ocean beach that is locked now

just like LCS, you can get there at the beginning of the game via exploits

here, an exploit on how to get there at the beginning of the game


and the rampage location is over here


now get yourself a police vehicle

start viglante

stand on the spot where the minigun rampage is

get off your bike

get to the spot, and cancel viglante

if you do it properly

the rampage will begin and side missions can be played at the same time

here, another vid on how to do it


now get a police helicopter -if you're at the beginning of the game-

drive to phil's shooting range near the boatyard

and wait until the timer of the rampage reaches 18 seconds

when it does, get to the shooting range

and start the challenge

when the timer expires, you are free to cancel the challenge

and when you do, congratulations guys, you got your infinite minigun ammo

don't worry, this glitch won't ruin your game or add anything permanent on the map

now you can save your game

ps: not only does this work for the minigun, this also works for any weapon as long as it has a rampage on the map

hope i helped

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