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All what i have is missing


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I am start before one hour casino heist finale Diamond Casino Heist - Silent & Sneaky Approach and 3 strangers player is joining on my heist after what i am cut 25% for all player and start heist one player of three is teleport yourself in casino i and other two are driving car but minimap is disappeared. When i am see how have some Russian cheater in game it was late and i am continue play and one of us 4 is left. After it game is threw me in story mode after what i am again start online game is continue work normal but all my property is disappeared from map (casino, arcade, 3 garage random, club, hangar, motorcycle club, 2 warehouse, bunker, facility and all vehicle inside it is disappeared), just jaht is stay from property all other is disappeared. I am restar game more time and evry time my map is empty i have just jacht, why? is it ban or? bug? on my profile is writes my garage and car not avalaible?

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This is happening to a lot of people right now, so you’re not alone. Just sit tight and Rockstar should hopefully fix this. I would advise you to Submit a Ticket on Rockstar Support.

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Ok but i no cant log in online? i i am try login and i see loading online and no open game just loading and loading i am wait one hour f*ck rocstar is sh*t i never more no buy one sh*t game of it compani and minecraft is better f*ck gta i rocstar

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kushtrim veseli

i have this proplem to, my property(arcade,hangar,home and guns ) all missing, i have submit a ticket but rockstar dont answerr jet to me. 

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Ok my game is today worked normal and i am have all my property but cars in my garage are piled on other way no how i am piled before but it no problem in half hour i am make rosado and set car like i want.

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