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GTA:LCS and PCSX2 - Unique Stunt Jumps Impossible!


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This topic is really here for anyone else who might have had this issue but like me, didn't find a solution anywhere.


I've recently restarted playing GTA LCS but instead of firing up the PS2 I've opted to use PCSX2 and run it on my PC using a PS3 controller using the Lilypad plugin.


All was well until I decided to try some Unique Stunt Jumps. I couldn't get nearly the height of distance required to complete most of them. I had a search only and found nothing. I had a bit of a dig into my config but nothing seemed wrong. After a few more attempts I went back into the config and made a couple of small changes - this did the trick. It looks as though I wasn't getting full throttle.


Open PCSX2

Go to Controllers > Plugin Settings

Enable DualShock 3 Native mode

Then test your controller (the buttons should be depressed until they reason 1.00)





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