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I need help with the activation key, please.


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Hello gtaforums.com, I have a problem with gta 5. (The activation) So... I have the box (pc version one, 7 cd in a smaller box inside + a package with the map of los santos and the manual + activation code). Well, I bought this 2 years ago on olx (a website like ebay) and when it arrived at my home, I installed the game. The Rockstar Club installed (everything was fine), it asked for the code. I typed it... And it said. Rockstar Activation Key already in use. I thought I typed it wrong, I tried again but this time very carefully. It said the same thing. (I didn't know anything about key activation and all that stuff, and how it is working. All I knew is that gta 5 is a good game.) So my dad called that guy who sold the game and asked him why is the key not working. He said that I have to play on FiveM (fivem is a mod. We didn't realised that.). And this is what we did. Well the game tried to open and rockstar social club asked me for the key again. Well I was pissed. My dad called that guy again. But now... The guy blocked my dad's phone number. After this incident... My dad bought me the game from steam and we kinda forgot about what happened. But while I was cleaning (today)up my desk I found the game box in the drawer (I wanted to play the game with my dad so hard). But after that I got that incident in my mind back again. The guy didn't gave me the receipt. How can I get my game back??? If I report this case to Rockstar Games, they will mostly ask me for the receipt (and not belive me). Please help me.

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