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The infamous gym glitch

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Hi everybody, 

I'm a Grand Theft Auto San Andreas player, my CJ's is fat so I have to lose weight to do the Black Project mission. But whenever I go to the gym and try to workout on machines a message appears "You have worked out enough for today , come back tomorrow" even if I didn't worked out, I came back tomorrow nothing happened, and tomorrow never ends. I searched for reasons and I think that the only reason is killing people who are in the gym and that's what I did in the Cobra Martial Arts (San Fierro gym)

I really need help from you guys please and also need realistic solutions also looking for solutions without downloading fixes please.

Thank you 🙂 

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Unfortunately, it sounds like you have the infamous "gym glitch". Plenty of documentation exists for this, including this GameFAQs post from our very own Orion_SR. In a nutshell, the glitch occurs when you hit your maximum limit for working out for the day on any given save, and the glitch can be mitigated by never hitting this limit. There's some helpful information on that post I linked, so I would give that a read and see what works for you.


Just out of interest, what version of the game are you playing? What system?

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2 hours ago, OrionSR said:

GTASnP.com can fix the gym glitch for PC, Mobile and PS2. 

What that thing do exactly? Does it just share my save file to other people ? If it is I don't like that!

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Sharing files is the primary purpose of SnP (Save 'n Play), but the website has developed to include glitch repair and 100% checklist reporting. If you don't give the link to anyone it can still be found using the browse feature bit it can't be traced back to you and nobody really cares. GTASnP is more up to date than other repair strategies but in this case you could accomplish the same thing with the Savegame Editor 3.x or a custom cleo script. (For the Taxi fix or Traffic Fix you are better off using the updates included with SnP.)


47 minutes ago, F5TEARS said:

What that thing do exactly?

Upload your save, check the appropriate fixes using the Modifications tools, and download the repaired save.

Edited by OrionSR
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