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How does big smoke afford coke?


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I've been replaying gta sa recently and in the courier missions cj does where he goes and steals the coke off the guy riding the motor bike, cj is able to take a maximum of $2000 off of him, i always presumed that's the worth of the drugs in the backpack the guy on the bike is carrying, right? because if so that must be a really small amount of coke and i presume the backpack must have atleast a couple kilos in it right? also how is cj getting money for that coke anyway is he selling himself ? which he is against the selling of drugs. I know i'm reading a lot into this XD.

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Who knows what other dealings Smoke is involved with, but it's clear that it's pocket change for him. I assume he cuts a profit from sales which goes towards funding his next batch. If it's anything like what the Ballas are involved with, this could involve arms dealer contracts, drug production and weapon sales. As for your second question, I think you're misunderstanding - CJ isn't selling cocaine, he's stealing the money from the courier to disrupt Smoke's operations. You're not taking the coke to sell yourself, as it's clear CJ has a hard stance against the drug.

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The reason cocaine is profitable is because it's an easy substance that can be combined (cut) with other substances, increasing the amount of product but lowering the purity, or turned into crack cocaine - both of these are done to make a profit.

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