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Possible night people corpse location


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So I was out on a little adventure to get the ram skull mask out in Rathskeller and I managed to hogtie both occupants of the area and get the mask. As I was leaving (including minor details as this might have an affect) and this semi large cabin style house on the side of the road due south of Rathskeller fork blew up on the opposite side of the tracks from Rathskeller. Then a train robbery was in play by the del lobos so I dealt with them and rode the train back to the fork and hopped back on to my horse. As I was leaving I wanted to make camp next to the tracks on the Rathskeller side and it wouldn’t let me so I rode further north towards Rathskeller fork and slightly south east of Rathskeller I found a corpse X on the map randomly. I saw a bunch of vultures fly up and wondered what it was so I rode up to the corpse and saw it. It looks exactly like the night people of lagras and lakay area. Rotten, flies around it, no weapons at all on the person except for the 4x cocaine gum that I usually find on them after I kill the night people. I’m not saying they are connected or something might lead of this but this has definitely gotten my interest peaked because I’m WAY south of lagras and lakay AND it’s mid day. I could really use some help and some input and maybe some people to help me see if this was a fluke or if there’s something that I’ve stumbled upon that hasn’t been found yet and it’s apart of a larger mystery to RDR2 that we haven’t found yet. I haven’t come across anything like this and nobody seems to have gone over it in the gaming community so, much appreciated and blessings. 

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This is interesting. I'm currently in Lakay but I'll go to New Austin later. Can you pinpoint the exact location where you found the corpse?

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Yeah I took photos of the corses location and I’ll get them to you in a second. It’s just really odd for a night person to be THAT far away. I took the night person for a joy ride back to lakay and lagras to match the corpses with the night people there and it’s the same outside of the NPC look. It’s baffling me still. I know there’s glitches associated with night people (hogtie and release they’ll go to braithewait manor and act as a plantation worker NPC) but outside of that I don’t know how to explain it. I tried going back to see if the del lobos bodies were still there but they despawned while I was taking photos and picking up the night person corpse. Though I did take pictures of the shack that blew up and investigated, it was a moonshine still that blew the whole house to holy matrimony. Kind of odd though as I didn’t think moonshine stills were in use that far south. I rode around the area looking for other houses with moonshine stills down south and I have yet to find one. That’s another thing that makes me wonder. Let me pull up the photos I took and I’ll post to thread

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Ignore last thread. Anyways so it isn’t allowing me to post the photos I have at all for whatever reason. Are you on console or PC? I’m running on PS4 and if possible, see about sharing through the social club

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