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[MP] The Bruno Crime Family

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    This is my new mission pack,called "The Bruno Crime Family"
 I returned to DYOM and ill be more active in MOTWs.

This whole mission pack is inspirised my Mafia 1 

A man named Sergio Bruno created "The Bruno Crime Family" in 1938.Through the years,Bruno Crime Family became one of the most richest mafia families in San Andreas.
They also gained a lot of reputation. Meanwhile,a man named Tom Angelo worked as a taxi driver in San Andreas.He is well respected by members of Bruno Crime family.In 1954,While he was working,2 gangsters from the Folliero Crime Family attacked him.Tom escaped to the warehouse where Bruno Crime Family was,and they killed the gangsters which were chasing him.After that,Tom joined the Bruno Crime Family.
They did a lot of things,and they taught Tom to fight and shoot very well.

Chapter 1 is set in 1954,when Tom is new to all in the family.
Chapter 2 is set in 1956,2 years after Tom joined Bruno Crime Family
Chapter 3 is set in 1960,Final year of the Bruno Crime Family.


Main Characters
Tom Angelo-The protagonist of the MP,former taxi driver.
Paul Tommasino-Friend of Tom,member of the Bruno Crime Family.

John Russel-Another member of The Bruno Crime Family,also a friend of Tom.
Sergio Bruno-Don of the Bruno Crime Family
Frank Bruno-Brother of Sergio,a high rank member of The Bruno Crime Family.

Don Folliero-Main antagonist of the game,he is the don of Folliero Crime Family.
Leo Pirozzi-A high rank member of the Folliero Crime Family
??? - thats for you to find out when chapter 3 comes out :D 

Weapon pack (optional,but reccommended.)







Chapter 1:

Mission 1-Smackdown






Chapter 2:





Chapter 3:









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boy of the cones

A'ight, played the first mission of this upcoming MP, so I am gonna say this mission it's short but I consider this as a prologue but yeah. You can make a prequel of this mission because I didn't understand why these guys attacked each other. Also, you could extended it the first mission but it's not very important. I surely to play the rest of the pack. Good luck for the rest.

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