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The good deeds thread

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Logged in for the first time in weeks seen longest wheelie was about to start so got the oppressor out, 15000ish miles later i win and gave winnings to a level 3 player


Probably reported as a modder lol

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On 9/9/2020 at 8:17 AM, toguraum said:

This. Last week a MC club of four in a Avenger was bullying a single low level who was doing supply runs to his Bunker in Paleto Bay.


I grabbed the Lazer, shot them down while they were pursuing the poor guy and made them crash on the beach north of Fort Zancudo. That's a terrible place to be because of the spawn points, and they sure paid for it. It was fun taking them out with the cannon again and again.

Made the griefers vote to kick me from the lobby...


An example of how I use avenger hunting bad players.

When playing as 1 person only with avenger the lobby kick function is kind of annoying (if its 1v2 or more).



Edited by katy023

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When I'm not busy with my own stuff or working for someone, I spending my time flying around and see if I can help somebody, like escorting sales or supply runs, getting people off bad spawn places, keep away griefers etc. Quite often I see new people struggling with Casino heist preps, so I airlift them to safety and help deliver stuff to their Arcade.

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I didn't made fun of the players who got reset by R* for doing the apartment glitch.

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Big Molio

One good turn deserves another...


In amongst all the doom and gloom, here's my good deed story of the day. On my way back from the USS Lexington with my Business Battle crate, I spot a flare and then notice this (rank 7) kid stood at the cliffs with his Oppressor, obviously unable to reach his pal who is already on the vessel. 


I figure, what the heck, there are enough crates for everybody, and his crew member didn't attempt to take pot shots at me. I'll give him a lift out there.





So I pick him up, turn around and set off back out to the aircraft carrier, passing his friend who was already heading inland with a crate.



I dropped him off and left him to take his chances, figuring he can try and get one of the Lazers to get back.



But there is a twist in the tale. Because unbeknownst to me, as I reached the nightclub with my own crate, I didn't spot this guy bearing down on me on his Oppressor, who made mincemeat out of me and stole my crate (fair play)



The leader of the crew whose buddy I gave a ride to saw this, and decided to step in. I see on the feed that he has taken down the thief, and is guarding the crate for me.







All's well that ends well. Crates equally shared. and the hapless thief left empty handed.





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Could have won it with ease on my 2nd character 




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US Marshal1911

I generally try to single out low level people that appear to be true newbies and invite them to CEO/Contact missions to get them some start up cash and pass along some useful information/strategies about the game 

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LunaStrky :3

I once had so much cash that made Heist just for fun with low level randoms, If they were good enough I'd give 30% each, just 10% for me (for the hosting cost, you know). With the casino Heist, I once helped a level 25 and gave him 85% of the cut. I carried all the heist and told him to pay attention so he could replicate it with his pals. 💁‍♀️

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Even though technically a vested interest, I've been helping my 2 nephews raise cash for their characters and giving them a bit of advice on how to use their cash - although the older one is likely ignore my advice and blow any cash he gets on cars rather than investing in businesses to make more money.

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Got an invite for a tennis game for a daily from some guy. We started chatting (he was rank 99) and told me how he just spent his money for a bunker and upgrading some MK weapons. Left him win the game and then gave him 75% Bogdan to step on his feet, before I go with my day here. I feel fulfilled now.

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