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The Black Knight Military Corporation - Recruiting (XB1)


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The Black Knight Military Corporation or BKMC for short, was founded on January 1st, 2016. It is the result of a merger between the Black Knight Mercenaries and the 289th Air Unit; Helix Team. After a lengthy hiatus, the Black Knight Military Corporation has returned; this time with a much more seasoned leadership team. Our corporation is split into two divisions; the 1st Air Division and the 1st Assault Division.


Our goals are relatively simple. Eliminate all hostiles, and stop at nothing to look after our own. When in free mode operations, we do our best to support the underdogs and eliminate the primary aggressors. When we are faced off with another organization, the mentality switches into one of operational proficiency and strategic resolve until our target is neutralized.


The 1st Air Division focuses almost exclusively on air-to-air combat (dogfighting) and  utilizes a meritocracy for rank progression. The 1AD currently has two squadrons; “288th Helicopter Squadron” also referred to as “Havoc Team” as well as “289th Fighter Squadron” commonly referred to as “Helix Team”. All 1AD recruits must go through HTAS (described below) and after becoming a junior officer, are expected to focus on their own combat proficiencies before they are provided with the capabilities to lead in an operational or administrative form.


  • HTAS - All officers of the 1st Air Division must progress through H.T.A.S. We want to set an example, with the highest caliber professionalism in mind for our airmen. That being said, anyone who goes through H.T.A.S. must exhibit a stellar amount of maturity, intelligence, willpower and patience during their time in the courses. The courses themselves have long been organized and structured, they just await new students.


The 1st Assault Division is responsible for all things ground combat and utilizes brains before bullets as often as is feasible. The 1ASD is split into two teams; “21st Cavalry Regiment” also referred to as “Team Paladin”, and the “22nd Operations Group” who is often referred to as “Team Overlord”. All potential 1ASD recruits must enter and graduate from BKAC (described below) before becoming a Black Knight. After graduating, recruits will be promoted to the rank of specialist and join their respective team to continue their participation and training in BKMC. 


  • BKAC - Every member of the 1st Assault Group must enter and graduate the Black Knight Academy of Combat. In B.K.A.C, prospecting knights will be evaluated and trained on various topics relating to ground combat. Any recruits taking part in this academy will be tested thoroughly and will be dismissed if certain criteria are not met. With this in mind; all 1st Assault Group members must be mature, calm under pressure, incredible team players, and fiercely motivated. 


Both divisions maintain their own set of high expectations for recruits, new members, and veteran members alike. Every member who has graduated their respective entry courses is considered a full fledged Black Knight, and granted the ability to speak on any topics discussed at our weekly meetings. We endeavor to operate as a brotherhood and nothing less. As long as your loyalty and motivation is consistently reinforced, you can count on being an invaluable asset to the organization. If you are interested in applying to the Black Knight Military Corporation, join the Discord linked below and you will be placed into an application office when a routing officer is available.


Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/black_knight_milcorp

Discord: https://discord.gg/F6745f

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