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do you spend time gatherings pelts for the trapper or camp?


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Hey guys! 
I put well over 60 hours of gameplay into this game since I started a new game on the 20th of February. It’s taken me over a month getting through all the main missions and side missions and miscellaneous activities like trinkets and goodies to upgrade arthur.

I spent hours gathering pelts and finding different side missions throughout the world.

I done a lot of bad stuff in the game and good things. Also my honour is at a good high level.


anyways straight to the point. I have spent hours gathering animal pelts.

animals like bison,beavers, fox pelts and pelts for the trapper.

yes , I also hunted the black panther like 3 times already.

I am currently up to chapter 4 in the swamps. Done a load of bank heist and cattle rustling missions. But I got loads of pelts completed and crafted in the trapper with hundreds more to craft. My entire question of this topic is....


do you enjoy spending time finding animal pelts or do you feel better to gather feathers for your hats? Have you crafted most of the trapper and camp pelt items? If so how long does it take you to craft all these things and are you bothered to craft all the camp and trapper requirements?
do you have almost all legendary animals currently in your crafting trapper and fully crafted? 
is it rewarding for you? 

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I've finished all the camp upgrades and and have been working on the trapper stuff. I like it, but I can only get so far in chapter 4 without access to the southwest. Still, it's fun getting what I can as I go along.

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Usually trapper unless I have some specifically for the camp. A lot of the time I may be hunting in another completely different area of the map, it can be a huge hassle getting to camp especially when your camp is in a less sound area such as Roanoke whereas there are trappers nearly in nearly every area besides Ambarino. If you donate to the trapper as long as the items you sell are 3 stars you can make plenty of garments, with Pearson there are only a few select items you can create. The biggest reason why I typically go to a trapper is because you receive funds for every item you sell, so even if you don't create anything with it, you still get a decent bang for your buck.

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I started shortly before chapter 5... Later I realized the game was close to the end so I stopped. Will do it in my next play through 

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