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New FiveM Server Mississippi State Roleplay

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Hello, I'm the Community Manager of Mississippi State RP! We are a new community and only have been officially up for just over 3 weeks! We have many things to offer such as; Plenty of civilian vehicles, Many police departments, Many commands to use in game! The server has grown tremendously fast! We now have a rocket CAD! We are still working on things like Even more civilian vehicles and some more subtle commands. What are we looking for? We are looking for people who have mics. Older then 13. (Preferably 14 nut there are exceptions) Know what RolePlay is. How to RolelPlay. Has Discord. We're nearly at 200 members! https://discord.gg/ZQhgJSN We have many positions which are currently open for LEO/EMS! Open - Chief of LSPD (Must be experienced and mature or know what they're doing) Open - Staff Closed - Los Santos Police Department Open - Blaine County Sheriff Office Open - San Andreas State Troopers Open - San Andreas Fire Dept Note - We will introduce sub-divisions as soon as we get more players such as; - H.E.A.T - Air One - Detective - Motorcycle unit - Gang Unit What we have? -We have a load of paid assets such as Rednecks Code 3 Pack with SergeantFranki's Skins or Redenck's Wheelen BCSO Pack! -Wide range of Civ cars! Planning on adding more over the next few days (About 200) -Strict Staff (Only take action on the rule breakers) -Many Scripts (Adding more and more as time goes) NOTE - *We are currently working on adding custom weapons and CAD. We are trying to figure out how to add custom police peds so it makes roleplay more realistic so any help would be appreciated on that.

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