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Recruitment for Battle Ace


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Hello, this is the crew owner for Battle Ace. If you are seeing this, I am trying to recruit you to my crew. Not convinced? Here I'm going to to show you reasons you should join. First off, we are a fighting crew. Our main goal is to win battles in GTA V. However, we are NOT a griefing crew. If you are caught griefing, you will be banned from all group-related platforms. We ONLY fight others if they decide to fight us first. We are like America when Japan decided to bomb Pearl Harbor. That is when we fight back. We are a defensive fighting crew, not a girefing crew. Next, we accept anyone in the crew. From level 0 to level 8000, as long as you are not a disruptive player. Finally, we stay active. If you need help, you are guaranteed help, as long as there are active people in the crew. If this crew sound interesting to you, that'd great! Join if you would like to. However, if you would like to join, there are a few rules everyone in the entire crew shall follow:

1. Do NOT bother any random player if they did nothing to you. If they killed you, kill them back.

2. Do NOT grief ANYONE in the GTA community, even if they griefed you first. Let them finish their current mission, then show them what it feels like to mess with us. 3. Be RESPECTFUL to everyone, including the people you are fighting.

4. This is not an actual rule, but I suggest not to trash-talk to anyone, including the people who you are fighting. Trash-talking to others makes it seem like we are mad and frustrated at the fight, and we do NOT want to show that. So keep your opinions to yourself.

5. Do NOT send ANY threats of ANY kind, no matter who it is.

6. Follow ALL in-game rules and ALL real life laws, it is NOT out responsibility if you break any in-game rules or any real life laws.

7. Enjoy and have fun!

Join the crew! https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/battle_ace

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