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Realistic Players (Relaxed Roleplay) RDO XB1

IMr IException

Recommended Posts

IMr IException

Search in Xbox clubs - 'Red Dead II Real Play'

Please message me to join:

Requests to join with no accompanying message will be ignored.

(Xbox GT - iMr iException ) 👍


Realistic Players for RDR2. 
'Real Play' - We love living life within the game at a slower pace, taking it easy, doing everything & anything that's realistic & enjoyable, in a relaxed 'Real Play' style, whilst always incorporating roleplay elements.

Sessions vary from:

Scheduled events, games, activities. planned day trips, gambling, hunting, fishing, exploring, viewing the scenery, spend a night relaxing in camp, catch a train into the city, get a tram to the saloon for a drink, and more all with unique, unscripted, funny moments while playing at a realistic slower pace, seeing & appreciating every detail. For the most part, we immerse ourselves into the world and the lifestyle, walking instead of running, spending time In camp during most nights, and playing with realism in mind.


As a group we bring even more life, immersion, and realism into the games world via the way we play & things we do.

We consist of long term members, therefore looking at specific play style & the group dynamics of new members.

Members freely join & leave our session's whenever we're playing, nothing is expected of members, just to follow the basic rules on the club info section (Xbox club)👌


⚠We consist of a particular player type/ style, please watch the group dynamic & respectfully play how everyone else is⚠


(18+ Only)

(please note we are not a roleplay FOCUSED group, it's more relaxed, slower paced & easy going, and focused more on realism and immersion)


All new members are on a trial period to ensure a good fit for Real Play.

Edited by IMr IException
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Mister Pink

Hi there, 


I''ve sent you a friend request on XBL. I'll only be starting RDO for first time this week, so I'll need to put in a couple of hours first. But hoping to enjoy a relaxed meetup to explore etc. I'm mature, have a mic and well it would be nice to see if I gel with the others first. I'm based near UK too (same timezone). 



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