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(Xbox) "Imperial Poker Ring" Recruitment Post


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Hello everyone!


To whom it may concern,


Our Xbox crew has opened up to a possibly new crowd of players looking for a community to enjoy Three-Card Poker of all things within the Diamond Casino & Resort within Los Santos. Imperial Poker Ring looks to bring together the possibly few people looking for others to talk over a few rounds of poker with in GTA Online. Surely a far reach from the high stakes of car chases or murderous rampages of the times we find ourselves in now, but those who play understand another even more rewarding high-stakes of a fresh deck of cards and deep pockets. That's not to say a good hand in poker will always be within our sights ;)


We are looking for relaxed and friendly players who are not only looking for those to enjoy talking over rounds of poker with, but maybe also cooperate in some shady tasks in-game as well when our pockets run low.


It is preferable that interested players have/are:

  • a working microphone
  • a sense of humor, and a good attitude/personality
  • aged 18+ 
  • higher level (50-60+, but exceptions could be made)


These are simply basic requirements, but in honesty anyone looking for a good time could be considered! We're not a wildly dedicated crew either; we're here to have a good time without enforcing you to be active 24/7


I hope you consider at least checking us out, and feel free to ask any further questions!


Thank you from us at Imperial Poker Ring!



Edited by obrienlite
Added "Xbox;" Xbox-based crew
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