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[SA|REL] HD Map with Extra Icons v1.0 (for GTA San Andreas)


Recommended Posts







Original clean HD map was created
by yojo2


Relevant posts about the original map:


New extra icons were created and added to the map
by InvisibleMan



Before doing anything, make sure to create a backup copy of the original "gta3.img" file,
so that you can restore everything back, if something goes wrong during the installation of this mod.










(The listed tools aren't provided with this mod, but can be easily found on the internet.)


"IMG Tool 2.0" must be run "as administrator" on newer systems,
otherwise it might not work at all.



All the files from the folder "RADAR - TXD" should be added with replacement
inside the "gta3.img" archive file, which is located here:

<GTA SA Directory>\models



Method 1
(One by one, with "IMG Tool 2.0"):

All the TXD files have to be replaced manually (one by one) with "IMG Tool 2.0"
to keep their original offset positions, otherwise the game would crash.

(It's easy to test whether the game would crash,
by using a fast aircraft to fly far away across the map).


Don't just add the new files.
You must REPLACE the ones with the same names inside "gta3.img".

In the end you need to rebuild the "gta3.img" archive with "IMG Tool 2.0"



Method 2
(All the files in one go, with "GTA SA Crazy IMG Editor v1.0 Final" and "IMG Tool 2.0"):

You can use the "GTA SA Crazy IMG Editor" tool to replace multiple files.

But you'll need "IMG Tool 2.0" to properly rebuild the archive.


Just open the "gta3.img" archive with "GTA SA Crazy IMG Editor",
then choose "Edit > Add with replacement..." in the top menu,
and then select all the new TXD files inside "RADAR - TXD" folder in one go.


After that you must close everything WITHOUT rebuilding the archive
(otherwise your "gta3.img" might get broken and you would get crashes during the game).


It's safer to open and REBUILD the gta3.img file with "IMG Tool 2.0"
which will ensure that your game won't crash at some point.



It is recommended to also find on the internet the "Full Stream Radar" ASI script,
otherwise the map might not be loaded instantly every time it's opened in the game menu.

It's because the higher definition of the map can make it slow to load.



Information about the mod




This mod is mostly useful for the single-player mode of GTA San Andreas.


The mod adds more than 100 of new extra icons to the game map.


The new icons are "hard-coded" into the map image,
because the game doesn't support such a big amount of radar blips at once on the map.



You can open the "Map-Legend-English.png" image file, provided along with this mod,
to see how all the new icons look and what they actually represent.



All the icons are big enough to be seen on the map radar during the gameplay,
but if you open the map in the game menu and zoom in to the max,
then you'll be able to see all the icons in their full size and detail.


Some of the icons have a text description beside them.
It's most comfortable to read that text on the game map, while zooming in to the max.


If it's needed, you can always turn off the Gang Territories highlights on the game map,
so that it's easier to see all the new icons (and the text beside some of them).



The "bonuses" folder contains images of the new icons
and a reference map, which was used to navigate through the the map texture parts.



Information about the new map icons provided by this mod




Useful objects:


  • - Star (Cop Bribe) (48 in total)



Hidden Challenges:


  • - Triathlon (Los Santos / Palomino Creek)
  • - NRG-500 Challenge (San Fierro)
  • - BMX Challenge (Los Santos)
  • - The Chiliad Challenge (Mount Chiliad)



Asset Missions
(except "RS Haul", "Hunter Quarry" and "Verdant Meadows Airstrip",
which normally get their map icons as you progress through the game):


  • - Roboi's Food Mart (Los Santos)
  • - Hippy Shopper (San Fierro)
  • - Burger Shot (Las Venturas)
  • - Wang Cars (San Fierro)
  • - Zero RC (San Fierro)
  • - Vank Hoff Hotel (San Fierro)



Special places:


  • - Airport - Buying tickets (Los Santos / San Fierro / Las Venturas)
  • - Airport - Entrance gate (Los Santos / San Fierro / Las Venturas)
  • - Train Station (Platform) (Los Santos (2) / San Fierro / Las Venturas (3))
  • - Car Bomb Shop (Los Santos / Las Venturas)
  • - 24-7 store (Los Santos (4) / Las Venturas (7) / Fort Carson / Whetstone)
  • - Police Department (Los Santos / San Fierro / Las Venturas / Dillimore / Fort Carson / Angel Pine / El Quebrados)
  • - Hospital (Los Santos (2) / San Fierro / Las Venturas / Montgomery / Fort Carson / Angel Pine / El Quebrados)
  • - Fire Department (Los Santos / San Fierro / Las Venturas)
  • - Inside Track (Los Santos / Montgomery)
  • - Casino (Las Venturas (3))
  • - Nightclub (Los Santos / San Fierro / Las Venturas)
  • - Bar (Los Santos / San Fierro / Las Venturas / Bone County)
  • - Strip Club (Los Santos / Las Venturas (2) / Bone County)
  • - Sex Shop XXX (Las Venturas)



Interesting places or buildings, which you can enter (or get to their top):


  • - Atrium (Los Santos)
  • - Los Santos Tower (the tallest building in the game)
  • - Colonel Fuhrberger's House (Los Santos)
  • - Jefferson Motel (Los Santos)
  • - Secret Tunnel (2 entrances) (Los Santos)
  • - Big Pointy Building (San Fierro)
  • - Unmarked Barber Shop (El Quebrados)
  • - Sherman Dam - Generator Room (Bone County / Tierra Robada)
  • - Antenna Tower (Bone County, near The Big Ear)
    (There's a spot near the antenna tower that will teleport you to its top, if you simply walk there)
  • - Secret Cave (2 entrances) (Bone County)
    (There's a star (cop bribe) located approximately halfway through the cave's tunnel)




Edited by TheInvisibleMan
A link fix so it's a secure HTTPS
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