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Use Scripts with Controller

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Hi, my question is on the title, i want to use my Gamepad to activate an Script, i would like to know how to write that on ScripthookV .NET C#

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Posted (edited)

Depends on how you want it to work but there are typically 2 ways.


By pressing a control:

// Place this in onTick()
if (Game.IsControlJustPressed(2, Control.Sprint))
    // Do something here when the Sprint control is pressed

By holding a control:

// Place this in the class declaration section to make it a Global variable
float HoldTimer = 0;

// Place this in onTick()
if (Game.IsControlPressed(2, Control.Sprint))
    HoldTimer += Game.LastFrameTime;

    if (HoldTimer >= 1f)
        // Do something here when you have held the control for at least 1 second
    // Set the HoldTimer to zero if the control is not being pressed
    HoldTimer = 0;

Game.LastFrameTime returns a float that represents the number of milliseconds as a fraction of 1 second. The typical number of milliseconds for 60fps is 16 or 17, so Game.LastFrameTime will return .016f or .017f. If you multiply it by 1000 (the number of milliseconds in 1 second), you will get the value as the actual number of milliseconds.


So IsControlJustPressed for button presses, IsControlPressed for holding a button for a period of time.

Edited by LeeC22

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There is some way to set two buttons to trigger the script?, i tried something like this and not worked xd

Game.IsControlJustPressed(2, GTA.Control.Phone && GTA.Control.Aim);


Edited by Symbolic

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You have to use the && on two Game.IsControlJustPressed() calls for it to work, like:

if(Game.IsControlJustPressed(2, Control.Sprint) && Game.IsControlJustPressed(2, Control.Jump))

But that means you have to press both buttons at exactly the same time and that can be tricky. You're better off doing something like this:

if(Game.IsControlPressed(2, Control.Sprint) && Game.IsControlJustPressed(2, Control.Jump))

That way, you can be holding one control and then pressing the second one. I usually use Control.Cover as the one being held and then any other button for the one being pressed. I never use cover in-game, so I disable it so it is free to use for scripts.


If you choose to disable a control, just change the Game.IsControlJustPressed() to Game.IsDisabledControlJustPressed() and it will be detected.

Edited by LeeC22

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