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Suddenly lower FPS for no reason!


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Hi, I have an iMac 5K 2017 with Windows 10 installed on it via bootcamp, and those specs:

Quad Core Intel Core i7 7700K 4.2GHz

AMD Radeon Pro 580 8GB

16GB RAM 2400MHz

Windows installed on SSD

Game installed on external USB 3.0 7200rpm HDD.


I’m playing the game on this system for almost 2 years now just fine, at 1440p resolution at almost ultra settings at 60fps in most areas (especially inside the city) and fps not going under 50 in the worst scenario (areas with a lot of grass)


For the last month, for some reason the game has dropped 10-15 fps and that’s random! Some times the game plays like always, at 60fps but most of the times it drops to 45-50fps for no reason even inside the city! I have tried everything: reinstalling windows 10, updating all the software, checking the game files with steam, disabling shader cache on AMD settings. Also I have checked CPU and GPU temperatures and usage, everything is fine!

Of course I’m doing the Alt+Tab thing in the game, it fixes the massive drops but not the 10-15 fps drop I’m talking about!

Nothing!! The problems keep happening! Of course I have the same exact graphics settings I had all those years. Also this problem happens only on GTA V! All other games are playing fine!


Edit: I even tried to reinstall the game completely. After the reinstall, it played just fine for a while again, and then it started dropping fps randomly!!! Why?!?!?

Please do you have any solution?? It is really disappointing..... 

Edited by Simos805
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