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Problems and issues with GTA LCS


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LCS was released in 2005 for the PSP and 2006 for the PS2. In the first years of release was considered one of the best GTA's and games for the PSP. Now it's considered the worst GTA by the majority, the game which innovated the less of all. Why? The game aged so well? VCS "outshined" LCS? It's a bad game?

What do you think? What are your problems and issues with LCS? What could been done better? How could the game innovate compared to its predecesors?


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It might have something to do with people's expectations after having played San Andreas. Toni cannot swim, climb, take over gang territories or even fly at least a helicopter (without using some tricks during certain missions). Moreover, CJ was quite a vocal protagonist, while Toni seemed to be more introverted, maybe even a yes-man in front of Salvatore. Most missions seem rather short, whereas in San Andreas there are lots of long missions. But why let all these things take the fun away? There are lots of things to associate with Liberty City Stories. Every time I think of it, there are unique things I can associate it with: Car Salesman, Bike Salesman, the drive-by challenges, Slash TV, See The Sight Before Your Flight, Trash Dash, Avenging Angels. You don't get to see such side-missions anywhere else in the series. Although I love both LCS and VCS, I have to agree that VCS indeed outshines LCS due to the Empire Building feature, which was a rather unique feature as well.

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